Tea press aroma

I brew my wifes teas in a tea press. They are any tea but Chinese
which she hates and I cant fool her. Lately I add a little extra leaf
so I can enjoy a glass or two. Whenever I brew teas I always pay
attention to the wet leaf after decanting. In this case I can stick
my nose almost inside the press. There is a aroma that isnt
noticeable in the poured tea. It varies from tea to tea although
somewhat similar which I will describe as musky. I worked in a
vegetable canning factory during the summer months in college. It
reminds me of the silage waste stack that was hauled off for livestock
feed. The press is pyrex but the last time I was in SF Chinatown
during gongfu sessions there is a similar very faint aroma from
proximity to the gongfu pots and cups. It is what I term the
'evaporation' aroma as the pot dries out.
PS I paid a visit to my local tea shoppe hoping that Santa left me
something in the discount bin. I picked up an extra special Nilgiri
from Dunsandle. A nice light and dark blend TGFOP grade tea. It is
delicate so add more than normal. Even then you might wonder where is
the caffeine. It will take a couple of cups for the nose and throat
to notice. The water can sit on this tea without worries. I dont
think of Nilgiri as delicate.
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