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The Ten Tea Methods ????
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7 years ago 1
Current Best Tea Sites?
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Tea culture class
Tea culture class starts next Friday The Community Services Center, No. 25, Lane 290 Zhong Shan North Rd., Sec. 6 Taipei, Telephones: (02) 2836-8134 · 2838-4947
7 years ago
Matcha Japanese Green Tea Powder
Have you tried Matcha? It's Japanese green tea and it's powder, so yo prepare it kind like coffee (you don't use a tea box). Apparently it' great for your health and also for concentration and ene...
8 years ago 1
Sen no Rikyu 千利休 《 Southern Record 南方录 》
Sen no Rikyu 千利休 《 Southern Record 南方录 》 Sen no R ikyu (千利休, 1522 - April 21, 1591) Sen no Rikyu seven rules for the tea ceremony as follows: 1. Make a pleasing bowl of tea 2....
8 years ago
Taiwan's president won re-election
8 years ago
"Special" tea farming in China?
The only really memorable, not to say stunning, Long Jing I've brewed was delivered unto us by an acquaintance with diplomatic ties. The precious pinch came from a secured harvest said not to exce...
8 years ago 2
Remarkable Surprise
I was given a bag of Kirkland Green Tea from Costco and I was shocked to find it was actual matcha. Not good matcha; it's not aromatic like the higher grade stuff, but it definitely has that charac...
8 years ago 3
Which tee is good test-Arizona Diet Green Iced Tea & Arizona Diet Lemon Iced Tea?
i want to know the which one is better test -- davidnikol
8 years ago 3
Another variant of bamboo pu
According to this here in The Telegraph:
8 years ago
Green Tea Gum.
The other day at Walmart I was in the check out, lane looking at all th last minute get your dollar stuff and saw packages of green tea gum. I claimed there was the benefit of 1 to 2 cups of green...
8 years ago
Ahmad Darjeeling Tea
A local Indian food store sells Ahmad Tea London, Darjeeling Tea. It is quite inexpensive, it¹s eight dollars for a 200 gram tin. So, I¹m wondering if anyone here is familiar with this tea, an...
8 years ago 2
roselle is good for your skin and of good taste
The first choice of beautifying and nourishing face : roselle The roselle can get our fatigue and astriction away. And it can als accelerate emiction. If you often drink it can help you depres ch...
8 years ago
Two kinds of tea keep good body shape
Here are 2 types of tea that helps you build up good shape in waists. First, there is a kind of tea made in lotus and lotus leaves. It ca break down belly fat and lessen constipation symptoms. Th...
8 years ago
Is 5-hr Energy Drink Worth The Price
I get more of a boost from 3 tsp. of instant tea, although the energy drink lasts considerably longer. The tea is much cheaper and has 120 tsps. per jar whereas a 6-pack of 5-hr. Energy Drink is $1...
8 years ago 8