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Suggestions on a higher end scotch for a gift.
Suggestions on a higher end scotch for a gift. He drinks Macallan 12 yr old, Dewars 12 year old or Dewars white label. Looking to keep under $200 for bottle. Thank you
1 month ago
Whisky that's been open a long time
What happens when a bottle of malt whisky has been open for years, maybe a decade? I know it won't go off but does it gradually lose its strength as the alcohol evaporates?
4 years ago 1
Wanted : A production manager for IsraelÂ’s 1st whi sky distillery
Hi, The Milk & Honey Distillery will be making the 1st single malt whisky in the land of Israel. Our custom, hand-made whisky stills will soon be installed. We would like to start to engage with ca...
6 years ago
Snagged a bottle of this from Royal Mile Whiskies for just under 30UKP. 'Moine Mhor' is Gaelic for 'big peat' (or 'great moss', depending on who you listen to.) 50% ABV and quite heavily peated. L...
11 years ago 1
Special Present
I wonder if any can point me in the right direction. I want to buy a someone a very special present, in this case a bottle of whiskey. But I've always had this idea that I could purchase one now tha...
12 years ago 7
House of Lords Single Highland Malt 10 years
Any information on the above? I've been bought a bottle and wondered what the distillery was? A google has bought up a House of Lords blend but this bottle definitely says "Single Highland Malt Sco...
13 years ago 3
Caol Ila 1990 Demerara Rum Finish
We were browsing in Gordon and Macphail in Elgin this afternoon, and came away with a bottle of the above. We'll be opening it on New Year's Eve and were wondering what to expect. Anyone tried it?
13 years ago 10
Ardbeg Uigeadail in Minnesota or Wisconsin
I'm anxious to try Ardbeg Uigeadail. Has anybody in my part of the world seen it in a liquor store? Thanks.
13 years ago 2
fun idea
I was thinking of registering some sort of whisky related domain name and putting up my own reviews and letting others put up their reviews. In addition, I would have an opt-in email list for sen...
14 years ago 10
Glenlivet "Nadurra"?
Was in my local store buying the Aberlour 12 ... a nice "safe" choice that can actually be afforded by people with kids and a mortgage, and I saw something new, a Glenlivet "Nadurra" which is a 16...
11 years ago 11
I just bought a bottle of Ardbeg Uidgeadail.
I'd read a number of reviews of Ardbeg Uidgeadail ranging all over the spectrum from love to hate to "not as good as it used to be", so I decided to purchase a bottle for myself on New Years Eve. ...
3 years ago 2
Facebook for whisky lovers - Connosr
Hi As a website developer and all round whisky enthusiast, I've recently been working a personal project called Connosr - its a Social Network for Whisky lovers - a bit like Facebook for Scotch, ch...
10 years ago 2
american whiskey
can it be enjoyed diluted (with water), without the imbiber being considered a schlep?
12 years ago 25
similiar to Ardbeg
I love a dram of Ardbeg but found that I did not like Laphroaig nearly as much. While Ardbeg had this fantastically complex flavor that I could savor -- I could not really notice as much complexi...
14 years ago 27
Caol Ila 18yo
I just found this at a local liquor store (usually not a good source of whisky). It was reasonably priced ($60) and so I picked it up. I've had some of the other bottlings from Caol Ila and liked t...
14 years ago