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Oops: "Uigeadail", not "Uidgeadail".
Typo correction in both subject and body of my previous post: "Uigeadail", not "Uidgeadail". Dunno how I managed to do that. Apparently the meaning of "Uigeadail" is "dark, mysterious place". And...
3 years ago 4
The Glenlivet 18
Opinions...any good? In the rural Ohio town where I live this is probably the most expensive Scotch that is easily available. Just under $100 US per bottle. Thinking I will get one this week. Gr...
4 years ago 3
old charter,old fitgeralds,southern comfort,jim beam 8yrs.
any of these stand out and which should expect to be priced cheaper? internet wines having 15% off sale.hurry
6 years ago
Tasting notes: Evan Williams, and Johnnie Walker Black Label
A few days ago I was at Total Wine and picked up 2 bottles of whisky: - Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch Whisky, 375ml ($18) - Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 50ml ($1) My tas...
6 years ago
Gentle SMS
I have a friend (actually, my Nephrologist) who drinks Johnny Walker (not sure whether it's Black or Red). I'd like to get him a Single Malt that will give him a nice introduction to this wonderful ...
11 years ago 21
Oops, hadn't finished my coffe yet. Or I had one drams too many last night ;) Sorry about the misspost! As for our favorite tipple, I might as well come out of the shadows! Trader Joe's was out...
13 years ago 1
Ardbeg Uigeadail in Minnesota or Wisconsin
I'm anxious to try Ardbeg Uigeadail. Has anybody in my part of the world seen it in a liquor store? Thanks.
13 years ago 2
Display quality poster/print map of Scotland distilleries?
I'm looking to hang a pretty poster of Scotland with its distilleries plotted out. I have all my scotch displayed on the wall with shelves, and it'd be great to have a map of the distilleries to n...
13 years ago 5
Whisky Blind Test Website
Hi, a few weeks ago I conducted a Scotch Whisky blind test with a (reasonably experienced) volunteeer from a newsgroup I was reading. 17 brands were sampled - from a German discount retail blend...
13 years ago 4
courvoisier XO
I have a bottle of courvoisier XO, the labels are all in french, the box says Oscar de l'emballage 1984 on it. Unopened and sealed bottle, any ideas what this is worth? worth just drinking it?
14 years ago 16
the best value in single malt ...
... is no more. The new Highland Park 12 is lifeless and characterless compared to the former. At $30 US, HP 12 was a staple. I won't be buying it again anytime soon. Too bad. I still do like ...
12 years ago 14
Wanted : A production manager for IsraelÂ’s 1st whi sky distillery
Hi, The Milk & Honey Distillery will be making the 1st single malt whisky in the land of Israel. Our custom, hand-made whisky stills will soon be installed. We would like to start to engage with ca...
6 years ago
whisky auction
This may be of interest to you whisky lovers out there Bonhams have a sales of whisky next wednesday. -- Alan Campbell
10 years ago
Highland Park 18
Now that I'm done school I can now afford whisky that actually tastes good. I've had a handful of single malts and have enjoyed most of them. I think Talisker 10 is my favorite so far. My daily dr...
12 years ago 20
Gatwick Duty Free
Are there any bottle to be picked up not available in the US? -- Jeff Folloder Jeff's Ashtray- Non-Sequitur Blog-
14 years ago 8
whisky value, unopened, still sealed
Just out of curiosity, how much would a bottle of Gooderham's Centennial (aged 15 years, bottled in 1962} whisky be worth? Has original box, leather zipper case and unbroken seal. Could someone ...
14 years ago 1
Decanter Cork Replacement
I have a whisky decanter that a friend gave me years ago. The cork has decayed, and no longer presents a proper seal for the vessel. Is there any recourse for replacing this cork? I have done...
14 years ago 1