i poured scotch on my girlfriend

I know it sounds strange but it seem kewl so I did it. I told her to take off her clothes lie down on this shower curtain I had spread on the floor in my room. I poured scotch on her starting at her neck and working my way down. She said it felt good and started giggling. THAT was a mistake. I tried to shut her up and I put my hand over her mouth but it was so funny - I started laughing too. We couldn't stop. That's when my mother came in. Man! Was she ever pissed.
So what do you think about Johnnie Walker Gold Label?
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Jimmy Smith
In article , snipped-for-privacy@MSM.com says...
Yet another instance when you really *dont* want tasting notes...
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I expect whisky on the male glan would hurt like anything. I expect it would be the same on the vagina. Bit of an S and M-er we have here methinks................................
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You mum joined you and got drunk by licking whisky from your girl friends body??!!!
I love my scotch...... but I think I'll drink bourbon for the next couple of weeks.
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The Don
The real issue here is which whisky goes with which body part. I would think for the neck something delicate, ethereal--a light and aromatic Edradour, for instance, for a nosey nuzzle. Working on down to the upper chest, something throatier--a richer Speyside, perhaps, a Glen Elgin. Then--travelling further--something from the mountains might be appropriate--or perhaps a Tittibardine, or a Headlight Park. I'm going to quit right now.
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Douglas W. Hoyt
I think you must go Irish here, probably Redbreast.
And below that, something complementary, from the Lowlands, of course.
-- Larry
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That was the problem you see. I asked for help before on the forum's opinion regarding Johnnie Walker Gold Label. It was on sale here for $49.95 750ml. I didn't know how it would go on my girlfriend so I had to go it alone and just try it. It mader her giggle! Maybe if I had the right scotch she would not have giggled. If she didn't giggle I would not have laughed and if I didn't laugh..........well, you know.
How far did I get? She started giggling immediately. Nobody here warned me this would happen. I got to just below her belly button and that's when we busted out. My mom walked in within seconds since I'm not suppose to have anybody in my room.
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Jimmy Smith
You were sooo close. the answer of course is also an Irish, Black Bush.
Sláinte, Bushido
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