New Highland Park goes to USA

US only launch for Highland Park 30-year-old The Highland Park distillery in Kirkwall looks set to unveil its first-ever 30-year-old single malt - but for the time being it will only be available in the United States.
A spokesman confirmed this afternoon the new whisky, costing $349.95 a bottle, is expected to ship to US consumers in June.
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I hope a lot of folks get to enjoy the 30 year-old HP. However, for that amount of money per bottle it will be way outside my budget limitations.
Over time I'm more likely to buy several bottles of Talisker and several Ardbeg 10 as well for my $350.00.
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This story may be well known here (sorry if it is), but it was new to me.
I watched the 2001 Denzel Washington picture _Training Day_ last night. There's a scene where Washington's character Alonzo is at the home of a fella he knows, a millionaire drugs dealer. There's a bottle of whisky on the table and Alonzo says
'You wouldn't mind if I have some of your three thousand dollar-a-glass shit there, would you?'
I laughed.
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Uzytkownik "Vulcanite" napisal:
Yeah, Macallan 25yo - the only time I tasted it - seemed a nice dram indeed. But I attribute that to the fact that it was had in a vertical tasting of some old Macallans, and it followed the 1958 and the 1964 (both OB). After those foul-tasting burnt-rubber treats, it tasted like heaven. But I soon felt sorry for my tastebuds and switched to the Flora & Fauna Rosebank 10yo, which was by far a better choice for the evening. Stood out a mile...
Cheers, Rajmund
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Rajmund M.

We opened a bottle at our wedding dinner two years ago, along with a bottle of a 1946 Armagnac. Both wonderful, needless to say! 8;)
-- Larry
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