Oops, hadn't finished my coffe yet. Or I had one drams too many last night ;) Sorry about the misspost!
As for our favorite tipple, I might as well come out of the shadows!
Trader Joe's was out of Finnlagan for about 3 months! It is by far the best bang for the $ Islay out there at $16.99. When I saw it had returned I stocked up on four bottles. It's my daily dram while i reach for the good stuff on the top shelf on weekends;) Right now the weekend drams are Ardbeg Uigeadail, Laphroaig 15, Aberlour a'Bunadh with compass Box Peat Monster, Ardbeg 10& Laphroaig cs waiting in the wings!
Do others have a difference in their daily dram vs weekends/special occasions?
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No -- why deprive yourself for five out of every seven days? Every day you're still upright and breathing is a "special occasion."
We just drink whatever suits the food and wine we just finished (if any), or our moods.
-- Larry
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