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TN: Bruising Breca, boring Adam, non-boring Bouree
Sunday Betsy had 2 concerts, it was 8:45 before she got home. I'd make a Ch ilean styled pork, corn, and tomato dish, served along with quinoa and an A sian styled slaw. Had no Chilean wine, but a...
3 years ago
FA Vintage Wine Bottling manual
Ott,Foreword by Raymond Postgate,undated,but I would guess at 1940s or thereabouts.grubby dustwrapper,otherwise in good plus condition.61 pages. Most unusual little manual on the home bottling of wi...
12 years ago
TN: Tuscan, Nahe, Pfalz
Saturday we took David to JFK (going to St Andrews for a college visit), then returned to Dobbs Ferry for dinner at the house of some friends. They had made a mild chicken curry, with condiments (nu...
12 years ago
TN: 05 Silberberg Sauvignon blanc Klassik
Sauvignon Blanc par exellence from Sauvignon Blanc Land - south Styria! Had this one yesterday. Emerald reflexes in pale yellow. The nose is very very fruity with elder, gooseberries, maybe lemon gr...
12 years ago
TN Freemark Abbey 1979 York Creek Napa Valley Petite Sirah
The Freemark Abbey 1979 York Creek Napa Valley Petite Sirah was properly stored since release, the cork was sound, and the fill was high in the neck. It is no lightweight, at 14.2% alcohol by volume...
12 years ago 3
Recommended under-$20 wines for October
Oops, sorry I am late getting this up for October. This is the monthly posting formerly entitled "QPR Wines for (fil in the month)" . Please post up to 5 wines that you thought were a great value an...
12 years ago 6
TN: '02 Dauvissat and '02 von Simmern
Wednesday Betsy came home with 2 lobsters,which were turned into delicious lobster rolls (no mayo, just the Vermont Butter and Cheese company demi-sel butter). Side was a nice fig/chevre/greens sala...
13 years ago 2 tuscan wines the best quality the lower prices!!
14 years ago
TN: 1999 Chateau La Grange Clinet
Premieres Cotes De Bordeaux 12.5% Alc A light purple crimson in color. Very subdued aroma. I get meaty flavors with some menthol, but initially in the mouth its like water (sorta reminds me like t...
14 years ago
does anyone rate
new to wine supping, signed up for virgin wines and got a case of mixed wine, most of it was drank at my new years eve party.... so i cant appraise anything, but on the whole how is virgin doing ...
12 years ago
TN: 2 Bdx, one white, one red
Saturday I was dining alone with Betsy away (I tried to round up a couple folks last minute, but failed, sigh) and marinated some ahi in a Vouvray/soy mixture and steamed broccolini. I pondered the ...
12 years ago
Are we wine snobs?
Hello good gentles all, The last few days have seen (in the wake of a perfectly legitimate and courteous question from a lady wishing to learn more) rise the spectre of wine snobbism. The possibil...
12 years ago 104
campagna winery?
could someone please send me info on this winery? who owns it? what kind of operation do they run? thanks. are they a moonie front-group? rsvp. mailto:
12 years ago
Over the past two nights, I've opened up a couple of bottles of the 2013 Trimbach Pinot Blanc that I got for everyday consumption. Both bottles were moderately corked, which is weird in the extreme...
3 years ago 2
Holiday Dinner-Bordeaux Burgundy
Met a couple of wine friends for dinner last night. Menu included crispy sweetbreads, rack of lamb and Dover sole. Wines were from our cellar except the starter Champagne. 1999 Dom Perignon-Typical ...
8 years ago 5
Passover in the rear view mirror
Before it gets any later and I get even farther behind, and using Dale's easy grading scale... Second Passover Seder: 2004 San Germano Marchesi Alfieri Pinot Noir A Solid, aromatic and just pl...
9 years ago