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Fermenting seems stalled
I am making a 5 gallon batch of Rhubarb-Raspberry wine. My initial SG was 1.10 after removing pulp bag and topping off. After fermentation for 4 days the SG was down to 1.04 and I racked into a carboy...
8 years ago 9
Wine Labels
Can anyone suggest a good source for the wine labels and the software to allow them to be printed up on my HP printer?
9 years ago 4
need novel names for some wine
I have been getting grapes from other friends and thought it would be neat to name them in respect of some of the features of the people who gave them to me. one batch of grapes I recieved came fro...
10 years ago
A great wine buy
I recently purchased a great red imported Italian wine from a distributor, by the case for only $6 a bottle (750ml bottles) This is a award winning vintage (2008) that turned out to be a great de...
10 years ago
wine lables
Where (in the UK) can I buy label blanks for both white and red? All ebay searches seem to pull up is personalised stuff. Many thanks. McKevvy
11 years ago 13
Gallons per vine
Is the old adage one gallon of wine per vine true? I have a small lot and would like to plant enough to make a carboy (6 gallon/23L) per year. About how many vines would I need? And, am I looking...
12 years ago 14
racking 1 gallon jugs of wine
Initially I did 5 gallon batches of beer, and wine is a bit new to me. I have a couple of wines beyond primary right now, and need to rack them to leave the sediment behind. My racking cane is sta...
12 years ago 10
Bottling the last half bottle
When bottling wine and you have some left over that will not fill a bottle, what do you do with it? We've been making wine for a few months from a variety of kits. Some are for a demijohn, some re...
12 years ago 7
Removing glue from wine bottle labels
There has been considerable discussion on this topic, and I've tried a number of different approaches. Most were mediocre at best. Butyrate dope thinner works remarkably well. After scraping the la...
12 years ago 7
Wine Kit Recommendations / Good Deals???
Hi there Not long finished a 6 bottle wine kit and I am hooked on home wine making :) Can anyone recommend a good RED wine pack - I am thinking of 30 bottle kits now (although anything considered)...
12 years ago 2
Wine Labels? Gummed Paper
Hi there I have a load of home made wine which I am very excited about and am looking for the best method of creating my own wine labels using a pc and printer. I am trying to find A4 gummed paper ...
12 years ago 10
Best way to stop fermentation for a sweet wine
I have a white Zinfandel that's at about 1.050 and I'd like to stop it there for a sweeter wine. I've read about a few ways to stop it but wonder what's the best. I have potassium sorbate, potas...
12 years ago 11
Yeast Article
Here is a link to an interesting yeast PDF. Joe
12 years ago 1
Will different yeast give me a different taste in the same wine i make? I see thier is different ALC content,but will this make for a taste that is not the same?
13 years ago 14
Juicing versus boiling to convert?
Alex posted regarding juicing for carrot wine and it leads me to this more general question... Has anyone come up with a rule of thumb quantity conversion for people who are going to juice vegetabl...
13 years ago 5
Conditions to make spicy, peppery red wine
I enjoy a robust, spicy finish to my reds. On a recent tour through Washington wine country, I found a malbec and syrah that were fantastically spicy and peppery. The winemaker said that tannins an...
13 years ago 9
Removing Impurities in Alcohol
I use rum/vodka to fortify wine and make liqueurs, and I noticed something strange when I shook a bottle of plain white rum. (The same thing happened with vodka.) When I shook the bottle, the liqu...
13 years ago 4
stopping fermentation/wine stabilizer
I am going to try a quick way of making of lightly carbonated apple cider and I have a question about adding wine stabilizer at bottling time. With the juice and yeast I use, the cider clears afte...
13 years ago 1
Wonder Wine kit - Anyone try these? While wondering around the internet, I found this 1 gallon wine kit. Anyone try these before? At $3.25 for a gallon, it's a little more than a ...
13 years ago 16
homemade yeast energizer?
Is there some way to grow yeast using a homemade alternative to the yeast energizer sold for wine making? I'd like to be able to re-use the yeast from one batch of fermentation for successive batche...
13 years ago 5