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Plum wine query
Hi there! We have a surfeit of plums this year - and very nice they are too! - but rather than letting them go to waste, I was wondering how easy it'd be to make plum wine? I've found a few recipes ...
7 years ago 4
a question about when to fine
I'm never sure this group is still active, but here goes: When making a white wine from grapes, I find that the SG is down to 0.992, but I'm still slowly bubbling. I'm assuming that this is dissolv...
8 years ago 5
First wine.
Hi, I'm new to winemaking. I usually brew beer, but two weeks ago, I went out forraging in the autumn hedgerows and picked a load of sloes, damsons and apples. I was experimenting. Definitely not ...
9 years ago 5
cold stablizing
Any ideas how to cold stablize about 30 gallons of wine? I need to bring the TA down from over .7 and keep the PH where it is at 3.5 thanks
9 years ago 5
My first batch of wine is still bubbling to know when to rack it for secondary fermentation?
I was given a Merlot making kit for Christmas and excitedly started making my first ever batch of wine on Feb 11th. The instructions say that fermentation should have slowed dramatically by day 10 ...
10 years ago 1
Wine Labels
I was wondering where a good place to buy wine labels is. E.C.Kraus used to have nice ones you could print on, but now only have one type. Thanks
11 years ago 4
Shelf life
Is there a shelf life for pectic enzyme and yeast nutrient and if there is, what is it? I have some but haven't used much lately. Dick
11 years ago 1
Barrel Rack
Hello, has anyone made a barrel rack for full-sized barrels (bordeaux export) that allows the barrels to sit off of the ground and side by side? I've seen some pics of wineries using 2x6 beams. Ho...
12 years ago 4
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12 years ago
Need Opinions
I'm making a Heron Bay Premium 6 week wine kit - Cabernet Franc Merlot. I started it on 4-16-07, and I added a sizable package of oak chips at that time. SG was 1.095. After seven days the SG is su...
12 years ago 6
Feeding Fermentations - When to stop..?
I wondered if anyone had advice on the following matter... I am making a rice-wine and I'm using gervin gv26 yeast. It states the capability to reach ~21% vol and my intention is to get as close ...
12 years ago 3
very quick results with wheat sugar
Some years ago I was able to buy 'wheat sugar' from a brewing shop in islington. I was told at the time that this *by-passed* a few of the initial fermentation processes. It certainly produced q...
12 years ago 1
5 Gallon Boiling Pot - UK blues
I hear with a little jealousy how accessible bulk equipment seems to be in the US for home food and drink making. In England it seems that any larger cookware at a real premium. I would love to f...
12 years ago 15
Carrot Wine Remix
I was going to try to make a carrot wine this weekend. Does anyone have any pointers? I was going to make a 5 gallon batch, starting with 4 or 5 cans of white welches concentrate, adding enough ca...
12 years ago 8
premiere curvee vs. Cortes De Blanc
not sure if the spellings are correct.. however... i typically use premiere curvee when i make wine and just sweeten with sugar after stabilizing. My question is this... premiere curvee makes a c...
12 years ago 1
making wine from juice. and another question.. thanks
I have made many fruit wines with the same processes, and found a supplier for many different grape wines. I never really learned the why's behind my processes, and very rarely check ph and such ...
12 years ago 4
heres one for Joe.............
Do you know a good source of fresh grapes in the strip? Been talking with a guy at Consumers Produce who's been helpful. Any help appreciated.
12 years ago 1
Old Orchid Juices
Hi Newsgroup... Darlene in particular. I finally found some Old Orchid Juice Concentrates here in Anchorage. Any tips on using this? Any experiences that may help me along? Thanks, A. J. Rawls ...
12 years ago 8
Home winemaking Laws
Hey, does anyone have a link to the law that allows home winemaking? You know, the "for you and your own table" description? Thanks! Rob
12 years ago 2
Help! My cranberries are not fermenting
I started a batch of cranberry wine following Jack Keller's recipe. After mixing all the ingredients, the specific gravity was 1.092, the TA was 0.52%, and the pH was 2.85. I thought that the pH was...
13 years ago 6