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Turning wine into brandy
A friend asked me how to turn wine into brandy. He was thinking of using Carlo Rossi. Which types of wines are appropriate for converting into brandy? Is there any legal (in the U.S.> to do s...
14 years ago 5
Mosti Mondiale Wine Kit
I started my first kit last night. Over the past few years I have just used fresh grapes, but this year I did not have the time for all that work (or the money). So, I decided to try out a kit. I pu...
14 years ago 9
Grape recommendations in central Texas?
Hi, I live outside Austin, TX. This winter/spring I want to plant grapevines to make red dry table wine. I'd like to plant enough vines so that I can make 5 or 6 gallons of wine per year. I've been...
14 years ago 11
distilled water in kits
When diluting kit concentrate some use distilled water. Others use tap water. Still others use filtered tap water free of chlorine. I have read that distilled water does not provide necessary nutr...
14 years ago 3
Gallon Juice Jugs
Greetings all, newbie winemaker in Atlanta here. This may not be news to you folks, but my local brew store can't find a supply of gallon jugs at reasonable costs, so he won't stock them. But wh...
15 years ago 4
Copper tubing technique for H2S
Dear All I know that a lot of people recommend the copper tubing technique for H2S. Is there any problem in using this technique if there is only extremley small amounts of H2S. I think there are ...
15 years ago 2
funky odor to a chambourcin?
I made a batch of chambourcin from local Maryland grapes last year, and it had a funky, barnyard type smell...not at all floral or "grapey". Although the chemistries were OK, I figured that the wine ...
15 years ago 15
high end red wine kits
Anyone done any of the new high end red wine kits. I noticed a few in the local brew-your-own store that were $140-$150 and I wondering if they've finally gotten past the usual weak tasting red prob...
12 years ago 11
Potassium Sorbate
I have started a rhubarb wine. I accidentally dumped some Potasium Sorbate Into it at the same time I added the yeast. Since the Potassium Sorbate keeps fermentation from starting is there any eay...
6 years ago 1
A while back someone posted about using Oxyclean as a cleaner sterilizer. He also mentioned using it as a spray on his grapes against fungal activity. Was it Oxyclean or Oxiclean? They are very...
11 years ago 4
Your Favorite Obscure Fruit for Country Wines
Blueberries, blackberries, pomegranates, black currants, and elderberries are all popular fruits for country (non grape) wines. But what's your favorite "unusual" fruit for wine making? Greg
12 years ago 17
helllppp ..... No bubbles in airlock on secondary fermentation
I am brewing some Plumb wine and really need some advice. This is my first time and I have fermented on the Pulp in a bucket, a gallon of plumb wine (using greengages from a tree in my back garden)...
12 years ago 10
Benefits of Red Wine Cold Stabilization
Other than minor acid reduction, are there any significant benefits to cold stabilizing red wines? I'm working with several low pH / low acid red wines this season. I might have to add tartaric acid...
13 years ago 14
Standardizing NaOH and HCL
I recently found data pertaining to the pH level of certain concentrations of NaOH. Specifically, 0.01 N of NaOH is suppose to be at a pH of 12. Seems like this would be a way to standardize the s...
14 years ago 14
Plastic demijohn
Since I can't find glass demijohns for sale on the net, I wondered if the plastic kind are considered as good? Can anybody advise before I put in an order? Many thanks flowerpot
14 years ago 4
Stabilizing & Clearing wine
I have a question about clearing my wine...When I checked my specific gravity, prior to stabilizing, there were no air bubbles for several days and the sp gr. reading was at the lowest possible poin...
14 years ago 8
Raisin Wine Bottled Clear NOW ist Cloudy
Hi All I have not been brewing non-kit wines for long and the wines I have done lately I have racked three times and made sure I am not rushing the clearing process. Six months + and make sure it is ...
15 years ago 3
Little hint
A way back, someone asked about primary vessles. Jack had written that his wife made some neat little elastic banded muslin "caps" for his primaries. I had my girlfriend do the same for me, and the ...
15 years ago 3
Andovin vs. Lalvin vs. Red Star
I just received a couple of the Project Holiday Wine Kits from Wine Art. I had made several of these a few years ago and they are actually tasting very good right now, so even though my local supplie...
16 years ago 6
Wine drinking dangerous ???? :-(
Hi folks. With all the problems with alcohol seemingly rampant in the UK lately - for various reasons, cheapness, accessibility, street-cred, etc. etc. - it seems to be the fashion in the media l...
12 years ago 12