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Pomegranate wine update
I started 2.6 gallons of pomegrantate wine (from pure juice) back on Dec 23. Starting data were 1.09SG, 0.65TA, and 72°F. The fermentation has slowed considerably, but is still creating littl...
13 years ago 5
Racking from a SS Tank
We racked from a 300L SS tank to a plastic tub and back into SS using a siphon hose. It took forever. Could I just draw from the spigot or do I risk pulling out too much sediment?
13 years ago 5
How can you build a DIY wine filter?
I'd like to build a DIY wine filter, so yesterday I went to Home Depot to look at the water filters they sell. They have GE filter cartridges (such as the FXUTC), which can filter particles in the 0...
13 years ago 15
Has my wine gone bad?
OK, now I've got something going on that I've never seen before and the store I bought the wine kit from does not have a clue either... I have just added my metabisulphite and sorbate and then stir...
14 years ago 2
Cranberry Wine from Juice - Recipes?
My sister has asked me for wines made from cranberries, any sort I might find. I'm looking to do a batch or two from Welch's 100% White-Grape Cranberry, and I will also be using Jack's Cran-raspber...
14 years ago 4
my wine wont start
I have just started out and on following the recipe below nothing is happenning, After adding the yeast the next day I added some yeast nutriant but still nothing, help. I am new so any advice w...
13 years ago 15
Pressing Pinot Noir following completion of primary fermentation
Hello everyone, Here's a question that's been bugging me. I have 200+ pounds of excellent Pinot must ready to begin fermentation, and it occured to me that I'm going to need to press it off the ski...
13 years ago 10
Repitching Yeast (Revisited)
Evening- I just racked off 500ml of pure yeast from the bottom of my 15 gallon demi. I've let it settle out in the fridge and I'm tempted, since I like the taste of this batch, to repitch it into ...
14 years ago 5
Vinamat filter pads
Where is the best buy online [U.S.] for these? Thanks! PO
14 years ago 2
liquid campden
When reading the latest issue of Wine Maker magazine, I spotted an advertisement by a California supply company offering "liquid camden". Sounds too good to be true. Has anyone had experience with t...
16 years ago 2
Malt in blueberry port
I'm assembling materials now to start a half-dozen batches of blueberry wine. One of the recipes - Roxanne's for blueberry port - calls for 1/2 cup dry malt in a gallon. Minimum size in stores her...
13 years ago 5
Buffalo grape wine?
Has anyone made wine from Buffalo grapes? If so, any special ideas or recipe for it? Thanks,
16 years ago 3