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Pomegranate wine update
I started 2.6 gallons of pomegrantate wine (from pure juice) back on Dec 23. Starting data were 1.09SG, 0.65TA, and 72°F. The fermentation has slowed considerably, but is still creating littl...
12 years ago 5
Racking from a SS Tank
We racked from a 300L SS tank to a plastic tub and back into SS using a siphon hose. It took forever. Could I just draw from the spigot or do I risk pulling out too much sediment?
13 years ago 5
Has my wine gone bad?
OK, now I've got something going on that I've never seen before and the store I bought the wine kit from does not have a clue either... I have just added my metabisulphite and sorbate and then stir...
14 years ago 2
my wine wont start
I have just started out and on following the recipe below nothing is happenning, After adding the yeast the next day I added some yeast nutriant but still nothing, help. I am new so any advice w...
12 years ago 15
Repitching Yeast (Revisited)
Evening- I just racked off 500ml of pure yeast from the bottom of my 15 gallon demi. I've let it settle out in the fridge and I'm tempted, since I like the taste of this batch, to repitch it into ...
13 years ago 5
Vinamat filter pads
Where is the best buy online [U.S.] for these? Thanks! PO
13 years ago 2
Buffalo grape wine?
Has anyone made wine from Buffalo grapes? If so, any special ideas or recipe for it? Thanks,
16 years ago 3