Queen City Drinks: Film crew aims to preserve Cincinnati's Ghost Breweries

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Ghost Breweries is a documentary that every beer loving Cincinnatian
should be aware of.

OK -- it’s not a documentary yet but you can help make sure it becomes

They’re aiming to use Indiegogo (think of it as Kickstarter for
charities/documentaries) to raise $35,000 to make dream into a

So far 10 people have kicked in a total of $510 and they need the
public’s help to get the rest of the way.

You may have guessed what it’s about from the name, Ghost Breweries is
kind of specific. To be more specific:

4,000 breweries existed prior to 1920, only a handful of these
buildings still exist today. This film looks at these landmarks and
the effort to preserve them.

For more info check out their YouTube video or head over to The Ohio
Beercast for an interview that went live earlier .

Why should Cincinnati care about this documentary? Not just because
the Queen City is overflowing with ghost breweries but also because
people should be aware of their history and be proud of Cincinnati’s

Despite what Cincinnati has left, we’ve already felt the damage that
Bret and his team at Ghost Breweries is trying to prevent. We were the
third largest beer-producing city in America in 1890. Now many of our
pre-prohibition breweries have already been leveled to make space for
parking lots. Others have been leveled with new buildings going in
their place.

According to the Over-The-Rhine Brewery District we have 14
pre-prohibition breweries still standing. Two of those pre-prohibition
breweries have been repopulated with modern-day breweries resulting in
the somewhat confusing situation of Rhinegeist being in the
pre-prohibition Christian Moerlein while Christian Moerlein is in the
pre-prohibition Kauffman Brewery.

All that stuff is just what’s on top of the street in Cincinnati. What
is under our streets is, to me, far more impressive. I’m sure hundreds
of cities across America have old empty breweries, whether that
building has been empty for 2 years or 200. I know that a few cities
have underground lagering tunnels but none have as many as we do.

If you haven’t been into our tunnels yet then you should correct that
now with a tour from the OTR Brewery District .

So come on Cincinnati! You can give as little as $5 or shell out the
big bucks and become an Associate Producer for pitching in $1,000 .

This will be a great documentary that will shed a light on our cities,
and many others, awesome history. If times are tight then follow them
on Facebook  and share their page to spread the word.

Courtesy of QueenCityDrinks.com


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