Cleaning and Sanitising Grolsh Bottles

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I was very lucky to aquire for free, 148 brown grolsh bottles with the
origional ceramic tops. I then went further and built 12 pack boxes to hope
all of these bottles.

My question is there a great way to clean (baically im soaking and scrubing
and bottle brushing, expecially for the first runs as |I don't know where
they have been and there are quite dirty)

The sanitising is what im confused about. right now they are clean, i closed
the tops without the rubber seal and put seranwrap over them and stored them
in the cases i built. Is this ok for strage or should i go ahead and use the
seals to keep them clean

When ready for use, i was going to use the bottle sprayer to ensure a good
rinse, then use the sanitizer pump (that squirts up into the bottle) and
then dunk the bottle tops and ceramic tops in sanitizer .

Will this be the best way are is there any more pointer i could use


Re: Cleaning and Sanitising Grolsh Bottles

hoots wrote:
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Lucky you!

I take the flip tops entirely off the bottles when cleaning and storing
them.  I store the tops and seals separately from the empty bottles.
After getting the bottles thoroughly clean (long soak in bleach water
with dishwashing detergent, followed by good scrub and bottle brushing),
I rinse them well and store upside down in their boxes.  This lets them
drain and dry out inside so nothing will be trying to grow in any
residual puddles in the bottles.  When it's time to fill them, I dunk
them in a bucket of sanitizer, including an internal rinse, and let them
drain while I'm getting the beer ready to go into the bottles.  I put a
sufficient number of flip tops and seals in a container of sanitizer and
put them straight out of there, attach to bottles and seal them as I
fill the bottles.  I've never had a contaminated bottle this way.  If
you use acid sanitizer like Star-San, don't leave the flip tops soaking
in it more than a few minutes or it will eat all the thin plating off
the wire, leaving you with less attractive bare steel wire that will rust.


Re: Cleaning and Sanitising Grolsh Bottles

Me wrote:
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I use B-Brite cleanser for cleaning.  Let the bottles soak for a few
minutes in the solution then attack with a bottle brush.  Then I rinse
with a "Jet Bottle Washer" that I got from my supplier in
Minneapolis/St. Paul. This thing really blows the crap out!


Re: Cleaning and Sanitising Grolsh Bottles

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Occasionally, you will get a bottle that has dried remnants on the
bottom. The best way (that I have found) to get it out is to take
about 1/8 tablespoon of Oxyclean (or similar) cleaner and put it in
the bottle and fill with warm/hot water. Let it sit for an hour and
then hit it as Scott described above.

Re: Cleaning and Sanitising Grolsh Bottles

I'll hav eto agree that there was some botles with dried crusties in the
bottles. I soaked them for a few hours and hot water and detergent and then
scrubbed, most bottle got clean but got about 24 that still have a little
film or crusty areas.

not too sure about leaving them updside down in the box right now as i jsut
hastly made the cases. When I remake the better ones, ill make sure to make
the bottle out of something that will allow me to leave upside down.

Like i said, i left them upside down for about 10 hours and then just left
caps on with out seals and saran wrapped each bottle top.

Thanks for all the tips,


Re: Cleaning and Sanitising Grolsh Bottles

I use them all the time, it's great to be able to fill with one hand and cap
with the other...

For saintization I just soak all my bottles in my laundry tub in a weak
bleach solution.  For Grolsch-style bottles I inspect the seals and re-use
if not too worn looking.  Spares are easy to get at most home brew shops.
Bottles, caps, seals and everything go in the tub to soak for an hour or so.
Then I dump it all out, and use a 2-bottle bottle washer (lotsa power) to
give them a hot rinse and let them drain.  Never had contamination.  The key
to getting the crud out is to rinse out the bottle immediately after
drinking, let a little water soak in the bottom, it should all just dump
right out.   I store the bottles dry, upright, with caps on.

I have swing-top bottles in sizes from 12 to 40 ounces.  Just keep an eye on
the shelves at your local beer purveyor.  I get most of mine that way.
Fischer d'Alsace makes a nice 20 or 24 oz swing top.  There are a couple
German brands that do 18 or 20 oz tall bottles.  I got my 40 ouncer from a
Breckenridge brewery holiday ale.  Also have three ceramic swing-tops.
These require a little extra care for cleaning since you can't easily see in
them, but they make a great presentation and you certainly don't have to
worry about light getting in.

good luck and happy brewing.

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