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fruit beer receipes?
All I see is spam, latest is Nov. 13. If anyone is still around can you point me to some good extract or partial mash fruit beer recepies? I've looked on the web and didn't find any that suited ou...
1 year ago
Weekend Bungalows near Mumbai | Apratim Group
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2 years ago
Animal Farm and UKLC. Spooky!!!
Hi I have just re-read Animal Farm by George Orwell and was intrigued by the many parallels with UKLC; I would suggest that Steve reads the book- it's not too long and not too mentally demanding, so ...
7 years ago 1
Correct temperature for wine.
I am using a wine kit company California Connoisseur. It states that the wine for the first 2 stages should be kept between 20 & 25C. For the next 2 stages Degassing and Stabilizing, there is no pref...
7 years ago
Opportunity for Aspiring Brew Masters
I am currently casting a new TV show for a major cable network called "Your= Dream Life" about helping people get a second chance at their dream career= . We are specifically looking for people who h...
7 years ago
Source for 500ml crown cap bottles?
Anyone know of a source in the U.S. or Canada for 500ml amber crown cap bottles? All the sources I've been able to find so far are in the U.K.
8 years ago
Rapporto malto/acqua info..
Ciao a tutti, ho un problema di questo tipo: dispongo di un tino di = ammostamento di 15 L e di una pentola per la bollitura di 28 lt. Secondo= = voi che soluzione posso adottare per riuscire ad ...
8 years ago
Hydrometer calculator
Hi I am trying to work out alcohol content. On my hydrometer at the 40 point it 6.5%. This means if it dropped to 1.000 then the alcohol content would be 6.5%. Obviously it would not go that low. With...
8 years ago 1
acidently put too much sugar in HELP
The kit is a Woodforde Norfolk NOG Previouse kits required a kilo of sugar. This one didn't. It apears to be still fermenting but has slowed down and hydrometer is still at 26. But yeast is working m...
8 years ago 2
c'mon now OWN UP WHO THRW TJHE GLASS jeez (did Lennie ever own up????) --
8 years ago
hard to find beers on ebay...
I have some hard to find beers up for sale on ebay, Buy YOURSELF something nice for Christmas!
8 years ago
sugar or DME
Sugar or DME for bottling your beer? I have heard that a lot of corn or table sugar will make your beer thin and bodyless..... I'm bottling next week and I may try some DME some coopers carbonatio...
9 years ago 2
White Labs
I ordered my kit with White Labs Hefeweizen Ale 300 yeast. and I see that it says to transfer the fermentor to 40°F for 1 week to cold condition the beer. My question is, Do I remover it from ...
9 years ago
I'm looking for some critique.
I have an ebook store at this addy, and was wondering if anyone has ordered/seen/used these books and wanted to post a reply about them.
9 years ago
check this new site out Hi guys, my name is George...I would like your reviews of this new site..I made it my self and your opinion is hiighly important to me. Thanks a lot!
9 years ago 4