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I'm planning on fermenting in my garage this winter. The garage gets down to
about 40F. I've heard of people making a box with a light and a thermostat,
but have not seen any plans or instructions on making them. Can anyone help

Re: fermenter heating
Krash wrote:

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There has been a lot of discussion on this lately on rec.crafts.brewing.  You
might ask
there.  Myself, I would use a homebuilt insulated box (plywood with stryrofoam
board) along with a ceramic reptile heater from a pet store.

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Re: fermenter heating

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I am not sure about other countries in the World, but here in the UK
(I feel sure that other countries are the same) you can buy a "proper"
mains voltage homebrew immersion heater from any HB store.  The one I
use is called an "Electrim 75", is adjustable and keeps the
fermentation temperature constant to within a fraction of a degree.
The cost in the UK was around 18 (around $28) but worth every penny.

If I were fermenting in a very cold place I would probably wrap
insulation round the fermenter as well (bubble wrap??), but normally,
when fermenting in my unheated spare room I just sterilize my heater
along with the fermenter, syphon tube, etc. and dangle it into the
fermenting wort through a hole in the lid.  The cable goes through a
standard rubber bung so it is very simple to make the fermenter


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Re: fermenter heating

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I brew in a shed In Aus where in winter It can get down to minus Celsius at
night. I find using a heating mat and wrapping the carboy in a carpet keeps
the temperature with in acceptable limits.

I like the idea of a mains immersion heated as mentioned in another post and
will try and get one

Re: fermenter heating
Why not make lagers in winter with lager yeast at those temps 40 degrees is
perfect for those yeasts
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Re: fermenter heating
Matt_Hendry wrote:
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40F is a little low for _most_ lager yeasts.  The majority of them will
be happier at 45-55F.  I ferment lagers in my garage in the winter by
putting them in a tub of wtaer.  The mass of the water helps to buffer
temp. changes.  Then I put an aquarium heater in the water and hook it
up to a timer so that it comes on a few hours at a time a couple times a
day.  Works great.  It's not elegant, but it's cheap and effective.


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Re: fermenter heating
On Mon, 03 Nov 2003 00:07:01 +0000, Krash wrote:

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I'm still a "newbie" but I think I've heard somewhere that strong light is
bad for beer. You could build the box to block the light while letting the
warmed air circulate around the fermenter, I'd guess.

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Re: fermenter heating
Hi Krash, Here is a URL don't mind the page, its on reptiles but it has the
basic Idea your looking for..Enjoy the Hobby...

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Re: fermenter heating
I live in Fort Worth Texas, USA and have a problem maintaining tempuratures.
This time of year, one day is 38F and the next is 80F...I cannot brew in the
spring or summer because of high heat in the house.  Any suggestions?

Re: fermenter heating

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I am also in Fort Worth.  I use an old refrigerator for my fermenter
housing.  I put an external thermostat in series with the fridge plug to
regulate to a constant temp.  This let's you dial it to any place you want.
Here is a picture of my setup
I gutted the fridge to make room for a big fermenter, and raised the fridge
so I can syphon from the fermenter directly to the keg w/o disturbing the
fermenter. (Also makes storage for empty cornys)

If you shop around, you should be able to find a fridge for $0-100.  Seems
like everyone has an extra one they don't need.  Or better yet, the defrost
timer dies in them (you don't need that anyway), then they throw them away.
The thermostat runs about $50-60.

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