My Mead Doth Bubble Slow

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Highest gravity "must" I everbrewed
   7lbs honey
    6 cans of tropicana
and I didn't get any initial blow-off like I do with wort
any idea why that didn't happen?
but I did get an 1 1/2 inch of sediement

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Re: My Mead Doth Bubble Slow

First, the questions...

What yeast did you use?

What temperature did you ferment at?

Did you aerate the living daylights out of it?

How long has it been going?

Did you use nutrient?

None of my meads have done the "explosive blowoff" event.  All have been
fermented under 70 degrees.  The bubbles have been slow, but steady.  They
have fermented out nicely.

Hey, you answer my questions, you just may answer your own...(G)

Good Luck!

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Re: My Mead Doth Bubble Slow

      So like I did aerate the daylights out of it, but also it had to sit
for a day before I pitched the yeast, shouldn't matter, disolved is disolved
as the sediment attests to that, no

I used a lot of nutrient, 6 tsps.. recommended was 1/gallon, in 5 gallon
I think that was responsible for the thick sediment, didn't need the pH
what with the juice addition.  It was the ammonium phosphate..

It's fermenting at 66-68 farenheit, currently, a little low from what is
suggested in the good book.

and I used some whitelabs sweet mead yeast fresh from the shop as I didn't
want to risk
it with my hazy recollections of which culture in my fridge was from which
batch generation using which yeast, I should throw all of it away cause I
can't remember.

It was amazing the specific gravity I got, 1.078!!  I think it'll turn out
nice from what you intimated on your brew.  BTW, what timespan did it take
to brew it, and is that counting ageing?  I want to drink it but it's been
what a week, haha.

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bottled today

Spiced up half of it with

10% by Volume!!  I thought it tasted somewhat dry, yet it had a sweet ring
to it
going to go to a mead brewery the 6th, should be fun
7lbs of honey and 6 cans of tropicana yielded a 10.78 gravity must(topped to
5 gallons)
let you know how they taste after it sparkles.

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