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Hi all,

I'd like to try to try my hand at some lightweight brewing.  Are there any
kits that can help get a newbie up to speed?

Also, I've got rose petals and honey on my mind.  Any kits have premade
wort packets based on rose petals and honey?  Also interested in seriously
dark beer with a lot of malt.....


Re: newbie alert: best way to start

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I'd suggest going to: and read up.

Kits are available lots of places.  These come to mind right away:
Also try to find out if you have a Local HomeBrewing Store (LHBS) in
your area.  It's good to help keep them in business if they are good
(they should be a good source of local help and information).

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There are lots with honey.  Don't know about rose petals.  Dark beer kits
should be readily available...  I don't know what style would qualify
as a dark beer with a LOT OF MALT... perhaps a German Alt ???


Re: newbie alert: best way to start

Also take a look at:
From personal experience I can recommend Cooper's beer kits,
Woodforde's beer kits and Old Conkerwood Black Ale from Munton's
Premium Gold range.


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