When was carbonation invented?

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Just a passing bout of curiosity here. In the movies, they roll a wooden
barrel of ale out and it foams up in their mugs.. But how pressure-tight
could an oak barrel be? I'd guess the first carbonated beers came about when
somebody invented strong enough glass bottles, but that's just picking a
guess out of the air.
Any historians here who'd know stuff like this?

Karl S.

I'm still waiting for someone to WTFM!

Re: When was carbonation invented?

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Carbonation dates back to Ancient Egyptian times, using it from springs
where it naturally occurs.In technology circles, it wasn't 'invented' until
1772 by Joseph Priestley by 'impregnating liquids with fixed air (carbon
dioxide today)'.  However, the egyptians used the carbonated water from the
spring (already carbonated), whereas Joseph created the process of
carbonating. http://www.tecsoc.org/pubs/history/2003/mar13.htm
Re: When was carbonation invented?
An oak barrel can be plenty pressure tight.  In fact, one of the brewing
books gave instructions for making beer 'on the wood'.

Ray Drouillard

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