Enjoy my life -Longjing Tea

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Tea ,it is a famous product in China ,every family have it in a year and
a year ,it is away  of our life ,it has thousand years history .

Xihu Longjing Tea is one of China tea ,made of Xihu Zhejiang China ,it
is the most famous in China ,it is known with color green ,fragrance
thick ,taste sweet and shape beauty .

When you want to make a cup of Longjing tea ,you need to a transparent
glass cup ,85 degree water ,then you can make by yourself .

The first ,to use the boiling water clean the glass cup ,put the tea
(5-7g)into the cup .

The second ,when the boiling water reduce to about 85 degree ,then pour
the water from high to the cup ,the water just full cover the tea is the
best .then shaking the cup tenderly about 30 seconds ,let the dry tea
turn to wet and the heat average ,after that ,pour the tea water out .

The third ,pour the water from high to the cup ,the water rise to the
80% of the cup ,let the tea move up and down quickly ,then ,you would
see the tea rising slowly and slowly ,it seem a group of green girls are
dancing ,it is very amazing .

The last ,to taste the tea is an enjoying thing ,watch the green tea
,green water ,fragrance rising ,smell is wonderful ,taste the tea slowly
,it is the best release in a day .


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