A nice little Pale ale..

Yep, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is *still* a delicious Pale Ale. I enjoyed it way back when in California, and I'm still enjoying it now, in 2004. If it's available to you(and it should be) show the brewers your appreciation for this product. Buy some and enjoy it.
Best regards, Bill
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Bill Becker
"Bill Becker" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@uni-berlin.de:
I concur, Sierra Nevada is good.
Just this weekend, I discovered another quite good hoppy pale ale:
Mendocino Blue Heron Pale Ale, Mendocino Brewing Co, Ukiah California.
I usually find that I'm more rather than less in agreement with the ratebeer.com crowd, but I think they're a tad harsh on this one.
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heh. yea, generally speaking SNPA is not hoppy enough for rb!
the rise in ultra hoppy beers has made the hoppy beers of the previous decade seem un-hopped to the new breed of hophead. not me though, I haven't killed my tastebuds with hop resins.
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It is truly a great IPA. It is increasing in availability in Dallas as well and at a cheaper price(sometimes 10.99 for a twelve of the IPA). Can afford to pick more up now. The Red Colemans at 35 and NW Highway carries four or five of the SN varieties including the Celebration Ale as well which is another great one. I like SN IPA for the hop level. Red Hook's IPA is another good one with a little less hop flavor .
Do not fear the beer.
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