Anyone Tried this "Frio Light" Beer at HEB?

I've never seen it anywhere else but the very large chain grocery store HEB in Texas, so I'm thinking it's an house brand. HEB does a lot of house brands. It's Frio Light along the lines of other American-style light lagers.
The stuff is actually okay I find. Sometimes with other beers like Miller Light or Bud Light I detect a cloying sweetness that I never liked. With Frio Light that's not the case at all, there might even be the tiniest bit of bitterness.
A major plus factor is the price, which is incredibly cheap. I think a six-pack of 16 oz. cans is $3.99, and then there's a big carton of 30 12 oz. cans at $15.99 which works out to... like 55 cents a can.
Anyhow, I was just surprised how tolerable I find the stuff. I would rather drink it than Miller Light or Bud Light. Anyone else tried Frio Light?
That SOB Van Owen
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