Chew on this! Best places in town to get craft beer, and what are Cincinnatians ordering on Amazon?

Andy Brownfield Aug 19, 2016, 12:00pm EDT Updated Aug 19, 2016, 12:32pm EDT
I love beer.
Let's be real, who doesn't. Cincinnati is a beer town. This has been established. But CBRE released a report this week that Cincinnati has devoted more space to the actual business of brewing than any other city in Ohio.
But where do you get good beer? I used to go to the Listing Loon in Northside back when I lived there, and I'm excited for Landlocked Social House to open in Walnut Hills, but if I want to buy a six pack, I'm typically limited to whatever is on the shelf at Kroger.
So I asked Twitter where the best places to get craft beer in Cincinnati are. And not just any craft beer, the good stuff, rare stuff and stuff you won't find most places. Here's what I learned:
Dutch's Larder in Hyde Park Growler Stop in Anderson Township Dilly Bar in Mariemont Cappy's in Loveland Craft Pointe in Mason Remke Market in Hyde Park Plaza What am I missing? And while we're at it, what should I buy while I'm there?
On to this week's Chew on this! your weekly roundup of food, booze and entertainment news.
Like bourbon? Smoked meats? You're in luck
Saigon Cafe in Hyde Park recently closed up shop, but don't worry, it only moved. Owner Alex Ng moved it to Clifton Heights to make way for a new concept he hopes to franchise: Bourbon Smokehouse.
Bourbon Smokehouse, as the name makes clear, will focus on bourbon. And smoked meats. Smoked ribs, smoked New York strip steak, smoked salmon, smoked wings, smoked vegetables (huh?) and macaroni and cheese. Ng hopes for it to be open by the winter.
What's better than a walking taco? A walking taco in a cone
Summit Park in Blue Ash is shaping up to be a destination for food. A tequila-inspired Mexican restaurant is joining Senate, Brown Dog Cafe and Nanny Belle's in the development at the former airport site.
Tahona Kitchen and Bar's menu is inspired by Mexican street food. The menu is still being finalized, but it will include a walking taco cone as its signature dish. Rather than a typical walking taco, which combines the ingredients of a taco with corn chips in a bag, the walking taco cone will carry those ingredients in a fried corn tortilla. That will be available in the restaurant and to carry out to the park.
Speaking of Senate, Daniel Wright's hot dogs were inspired by his native Chicago
Senate, Abigail Street and Pontiac chef and owner Daniel Wright made his entrance to Cincinnati with gourmet hot dogs. But where did that idea come from? He answered that question and more, like the one kitchen gadget he can't live without and what his last meal would be, in the latest installment of Ask a Cincinnati Chef:
" Everyone was doing these gourmet burger joints and tacos and pizza, and I felt like there was this void of hot dogs. Everywhere I've lived and cooked, I've sought out really good hot dogs. Whether it was Pink's in L.A. or Portillo's in Chicago. I've always been a hot dog kid. I think a lot of it happened when the economy (tanked). You had a lot of chefs who were classically trained in fine dining, which definitely died at that point, so you had a lot of people that had this pedigree of being chefs and went into things that were a lot more casual. It was a culmination of my entire life coming together."
What does Cincinnati order from Amazon when it needs one-hour shipping?
Amazon launched its Prime Now one- and two-hour delivery in Cincinnati in April. So now that it's had a few months to settle, what are we actually using it for? What is so important that Cincinnatians will pay a premium to have it delivered within an hour? Well I found that out. Don't ever accuse me of not doing serious journalism.
The most-ordered items on Amazon Prime Now in Cincinnati are: bananas, water, eggs and gummy bears. Is Cincinnati trying to make a giant flour-less fruit cake?
Now for some small bites:
Jeff Ruby has been cast in John Tavolta's new movie. Four Entertainment Group is getting serious about Keystone Bar & Grill's macaroni and cheese: they're opening the Keystone Mac Shack Mac & Cheese Bar in Clifton Heights. Jungle Jim's is hosting a cigar festival in Fairfield this weekend. What does this have to do with restaurants? Nothing. I just like cigars. Short's Brewing from Elk Rapids, Mich., released its Psychadelic Cat Grass IPA in the Cincinnati market on Aug. 17. My new favorite thing: People who regularly eat at and enjoy Long John Silvers.
As usual, send me any tips about things that should be featured in Chew on this! attached to a 2-piece whitefish fillet (I had to Google Long John Silvers' menu) or email it to
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