Hello from Germany!

Hello everybody!
At first, I would like to introduce myself to the newsgroup: My name is Bastian, I am 27 years old, from Paderborn in Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany and I am a chemistry student. I found this newsgroup searching the net for a beer lover place to discuss and I would be happy to participate in it (if this newsgroup is international?). I like beer very much, especially I like the Belgian ones for their exeptionallity. As you know, as a German we were forced for a long time to stick to the Reinheitsgebot, which prevented us to drink nice beers, e.g. Hoegaarden, one of my favourites. But nevertheless, I also like the German beer and everytime I travel around I am looking for the regional specialities. So I would be happy to join this group and your discussions about the no. 1 drink!
Many Greetings from Germany and a Prost,
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Welcome to the group, Bastian and yes....international would be a good way to describe it. That's what makes it such a desirable place to visit. I'm a fairly recent admirer of Belgian products. Until recently, my experience was limited to the Chimay line; since then, I've tried wonderful products like Orval(just now), good brews like Duvel and Rochefort 12, and the superior(IMHO) Rochefort 8. Oh yeah, I've also tried Stella Artois(cause I just had to) and I've got 4 different blondes waiting for my attention. Which Belgians have impressed you?
Best regards, Bill
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Bill Becker
Herliche Willkommen, Bastian!
Yes, it's international.
Have you travelled in Franken yet? Of course you must be familiar the Duesseldorfer and Koelner traditions, and the Weizenbiere of southern Bavaria, but ... ungespundetes Kellerbier? Rauchbier? Plenty of good stuff in Germany. Drink some before it disappears forever.
Nobody You Know
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Oh, Guess
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Thank you Bill for that warm welcome.
That is a hard question. Nearly all, except the usual brands like Stella Artois, as you mentioned. I like the trappist beers, Orval is one of my favourites (and yes, I drink it with the sediment and I think that makes it even more interesting). I had the Westvleteren 12 recently in the pub "In de Wildemann" in Amsterdam and it is also great. Last year I discovered the Belgian Witbeers for myself. Hoegaarden is very nice especially on hot summer days, which we had this year. In Amsterdam I also tried the La Trappe Witbier which is quite new. Do not miss it if you have the chance! But the most interesting beers in Belgium to my mind are the Lambic-beers. I tried some Geueze over there and I like them very much. I also had some fruit beers, which in former times I thought were undrinkable, and there are some nice beers under it. But to name a favourite of mine is not possible because there are so many stiles for different situations. But I am lookind forward to discuss about that with you!
Best regards and Prost,
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Thank you very much!
Yes I was in Franken and I like them. The Rauchbier is not one of my favourites, I think it tastes like smoked ham, but I must admit it is an interesting style. The Kellerbiere are very nice but you only get them there (about 400 kilometres away).
Many greetings and Prost,
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I replied, but it bounced....
I'm spending the night of the 21st there. It looks like your trip is exactly the opposite of mine. I'll arrive Amsterdam 16 Oct and stay there until my friend Craig arrives from Czechoslovakia the 20th (Monday). We're taking the 9AM train to Dusseldorf, and should be at Uerige by noon, if all goes well. I'll head to Brugge for Wed-Fri.
I'm staying in Poperinge Sat-Sun, will attend festival at the Palace.
I'll be there! Hmmm....haxe. What's that?
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