New Beer Packaged Inside Dead Animals

New Beer Packaged Inside Dead Animals posted by: Mac McDaniel 1 day ago . In the interest of full disclosure, I'll admit that I don't drink alcohol. No, not even a glass of wine with dinner. So maybe I am a little less forgiving than your average person when I read about a brewery that does a limited run of super alcoholic beer in taxidermied animal corpses.
Scottish brewery BrewDog has manufactured a beer that is 55 percent alcohol -- the strongest beer ever made. The beer, given the name "The End of History" was limited to a twelve bottle run, and the bottles are inside of small rodents prepared by a taxidermist. The bottles are all sold out, going for 500 to 700 British pounds each.
As animal rights ethics become more pervasive, there have been overtures by alcohol companies -- especially smaller breweries -- to vegans and vegetarians in the form of "vegan friendly" beers, liquors and wines. Companies like BrewDog throw that kind of mentality out the window, using dead animal corpses the same way that fur companies do: to add the illusion of wealth, status, and a gimmicky superfluousness to an unnecessary and destructive product.
Alcohol's influence on our culture is so ubiquitous that not only are we willing to overlook disgusting practices like the use of road kill animals to decorate beer bottles, but it also reinforces the false glamour in an almost primitive way that animal pelts are equivalent to having expendable income, privilege and celebrity. High end alcohol and animal fibers, like leather and fur, both rely on our society's fascination with expensive superficial luxury items.
I can only dream of the day when people not only aren't interested in the destructive effects of alcohol, but also realize that wrapping things in dead animals isn't the way to make them look glamorous.
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