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About 25 years ago I used to buy 2 1/2 gallon Falstaff beer "tappers." These mini kegs were great since they fit perfectly in the refrigerator. Are these little kegs still sold by any beer manufacturers?
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Jimmy Smith
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I don't know about similarity to Falstaff, as I was quite wee 25 years ago, but I regularly see minikegs of 2.5-3 gallons of everything from Becks to Weltenburger Kloster Bier to Blanche de Chambly.
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nicholas peter dempsey
Yup. I don't know of any domestic (US) breweries that use them, but some of the European breweries make 5-liter mini- kegs. Around here we get three of 'em from Germany (Warsteiner, DAB, one other). -- Joel Plutchak | Boneyard Union of Zymurgical Zealots
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plutchak joel peter
Hale's did for a while, before they had their bottling line up and running.
A number of brands, particularly from Germany, are available in these containers, basically oversized cans that can accomodate a tap design that fits them quite nicely.
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Oh, Guess
Falstaff was the only brewer to use those little kegs, AFAIK. They were aluminum, stored "sideways" and had a built in tap in one end. As others have noted, some brewers still make a 1 gallon to 5 liter can of beer, mostly German brands. The one gallon cans were available in the 60's by some US brewers, with a separate "tap" that was powered with a small C02 canister, similar to what's used in a selter bottle. Most of the German brands don't use C02 but come with their own tap- I guess they're gravity feed? Several Christmas's ago, Anhueser Busch put Budweiser in the 1 gallon can, sold at Sam's Clubs and possibly other outlets. I don't think it's a permanent package, tho'.
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Coming from Germany I can say that there are many breweries filling up beer in 5 liter kegs. Mostly they have their own tap but you can use your own too. These taps are available in many forms. There are gravity feed (as those in the keg integrated) ones, some with the CO2 canister you mentioned and some which take the pressure from air you have to pump in.
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