Stella Artois and sulphites.

Any one know if British Stella has these additives? Seems I might have an allergy to sulphites and I have a fridge full of the stuff!
Cheers. Saul.
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Fantastic. I'm off for a swift one..!
Thank you for your e-mail to the consumer helpline at InBev UK.
I have been advised that we do not add sulphites. These would have to be labelled as per EC regulations.
I hope this answers your query, thank you for taking the time to contact InBev UK Ltd.
Consumer Helpline InBev UK Ltd
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funnily enough, I didn't think sulphites needed to be mentioned on the label - certainly never seen it on any beer in UK (lots of wines though) - I have heard of some brewers using it though & also in cider. cheers MikeMcG
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