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Goose Island's Matilda
A super fragelistic Belgian-style ale. Absolutely delicious. Tastes old-world.
12 years ago
Kahn's Fine Wines in Indy
I started clerking there in July. The selection of wine, beer, spirits, and liquors is very good. It should only get better when we move to a 5x bigger space next month. We already have over 800 b...
12 years ago 2
The Return Of The Belgian Beer Fest Beer List
Enjoy! Cheers! Jason
12 years ago
Re: ????? ???
!!!!! !!!!! !!!
12 years ago
Recipe wanted
I was wondering if any one out there had a recipe for traditional Norwegian (Viking) Mjød. If you do please send it to me. Thank you. Walter -- "The speed of light is faster than the speed of ...
12 years ago 1
Beer Basics TV Show Download
26 part series on beer, wines, and booze available for download (costs 1.99 each) but very high quality and you can take with you on your laptop or ipod - found them at . Lots of stuff...
12 years ago
Single Hop IPAs
Got a gift from a friend that was a Bison Brewing Company IPA that was part of a hop seriers where they brew an IPA focusing on a single hop. Mine was a Columbus hop, and I'm guessing that there'...
12 years ago 8
Shipping to Europe
Hi everybody, I have some friends in Europe who just went nuts for some American microbrews (Stone and Rouge overall) and asked me to ship them some bottle. Is there anybody who has experience abou...
12 years ago 2
Beer Measures.
This is the first time I've visited this group and I suspect my question may well be one that has been discussed previously, so please excuse me if this is the case. My query relates to to 'measu...
12 years ago 5
Wines & Beers
Hello, Don't forget to drop by our web site for all the information you need about beers and wines. -- Wines & Beers
12 years ago 1
Beer Info
Check out
12 years ago 1 - for those that like cold beer without the frozen fingers Beerhugs=AE is the only glass mug with an insulated handle. Your beer stays icy cold while the handle stays warm and dry. In test studies, the handle was nearly five times warmer t...
12 years ago 4
Heavyweight Ste-ve
Nice 750ml bottle that upon opening, I got a huge whiff of some wonderful goings on...big tangy tart notes with *lots* of funk. Man, the nose alone made me happy I got this one in a trade. The tas...
12 years ago
Beer Googles - The Citybeat Beer Article
Beer Goggles A look at the past, present and future of Cincinnati's breweries By Bob Briehaus By Sean Hughes Beer Googles _______________________________________________________...
12 years ago
A question regarding Stout
Might anyone know the differences between a Russian Imperial Stout and a Guinness style stout? Thanks c
12 years ago 8