Charles, Prince of 'ales wants to get real.

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.cfm?id=1233122004 about Prince Charles promoting & pouring UK beer at a food fair in Italy - "The prince told him (the barman, Greig Futcher, Salisbury) he was hoping his own organic Duchy Originals beer could become part of the Real Ale Society, like Summer Lightning, which has won numerous awards from the Campaign For Real Ale."
you want your beer to "become part of the real ale society"? here's a thought - don't filter or pasteurise it, and put it in a cask.
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I suspect that, despite all the worthy pontificating about preserving village pubs, Charles knows as much about beer as I know about polo or shagging aristocratic women.
Best regards, Paul -- Paul Sherwin Consulting
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Paul Sherwin
Paul Sherwin25/10/04 3:13 PM
There's a apt joke lurking in there somewhere I suspect... As for me I've had too much real ale...
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Chris Rockcliffe
trying some now - not very nice
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Chris de Cordova

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