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Chorlton Beer Festival
A quick mention for Chorlton Beer and Cider Festival 2019: . That's Chorlton-cum-Hardy in south Manchester, and t he festival is held in the grounds of St Clement's Church. This year the da tes are ...
1 month ago 7
Pubs Inside Tower of London
I was watching a Channel 5 documentary about the Tower of London a few days ago. A Beefeater said, "There used to be 27 pubs inside the Tower walls. Now there is only one." That one is private, of c...
8 months ago
This year's Champion Beer of Britain announcement... ...
11 months ago 3
19-22 Aug 2018, South London
Kia Oval Beer Festival. This looks good. £10 for CAMRA members. Beers might be a bit pricey. The Oval, SE11 5SS.
11 months ago 1
A Beer Book-Buying Bargain Bonanza! Only £800!
Hurry! Before the count down ends! 445a2:g:6FsAAOSw...
1 year ago 2
Lille beer
I'm often in the north of France. They seem to be spawning their own school of microbrewery. This one sounds good... It's not far north of Lille, so it's not hard to get to.
1 year ago
Real Ale Train - April 28th - Epping Ongar Railway
A real ale train will run Saturday April 28th on the Epping Ongar Railway. Fare is £10 including bus connection from Epping Underground. Due to f eature some ales from East London, line up tbc.
1 year ago
Twickenham Starry Night 5.4%
I'm in Tooting in South London drinking Twickenham's lovely Starry Night beer. Twickenham doesn't mention this beer on its website. Any info about it?
1 year ago 2
Saltaire Cascadian Black 4.8%
I had a few pints of Saltaire Cascadian Black yesterday. It is described by the brewer as "A black IPA, with the roast malt flavours of a stout and the bitterness and fresh pine aroma of the Cascade...
1 year ago 3
Roger Protz
Where was Roger Protz born. I think it's London as he's a West Ham United fan. He used to be in Militant.
1 year ago 1
Isle of Wight Beer & Buses Festival 2017
I was looking through the London Drinker. That is one great magazine; it's the mag of the London Branch of Camra and it is given away free in a lot of real ale pubs. It has adverts for beer fest...
1 year ago 2
Isle of Wight, 14th & 15th October 2017
I had a week off coming up and I was going to go to Cromer. BUT THEN I saw an advert in London Drinker for The buses are free and travel from pub to pub! Unfortunatel...
1 year ago
Good Beer Guide Survey
CAMRA are asking for views on how the Good Beer Guide "should evolve to mee t the needs of its readers in future editions. To help us do this, we are u ndertaking an online survey of our readers to ...
1 year ago 5
Just out of interest, how many of the occasional visitors to this ng are now contributing to CAMRA's "Discourse" message board? Or lurking there?
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My Local BF
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