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Culture Show BBC2 doing pubs this Sat
They're doing a film on British pub culture - is it in decline? Why is it unique in the world? Why do we still need pubs in 21st century Britain and what do we use them for?
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Lincoln Beer Festival Beer List
Lincoln Beer Festival runs from Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th May. The list of beers on the stillage and under cooling, together with other Festival details, can now be found on
12 years ago
Manchester City Centre
Hi Folks We'll be staying on Portland Street on Saturday with a view to eating and drinking in the late afternoon before visiting the Dancehouse Theatre on Oxford Road in the evening. Two things: ...
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Boundary beer festival
Does anybody know if The Boundary at Guide Bridge are having a beer festival this year? Ive not seen anything about it yet, it is usually in June Peter (T&H Camra)
12 years ago 1
Archers Brewery in administration
Archers Brewery in administration:
12 years ago 7
3 rivers IPA
just had a very nice pint in a wetherspoons, its brewed with Manchester Hops, don't know of any hop fields in Manchester or any variety with That name, does anyone know the variety.
12 years ago 3
Beer heads in Belgium and Holland?
A recent trip to Belgium and the Netherlands left me startled as to the height of the beer head in even a half "pint" glass. The foamy head, it is accepted, can make up approximately a quarter of mo...
12 years ago 10
The Frozen North
I am shortly going on a visit to Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and wondered if anyone has any up-to-date information on the local beers and the places there in which they can be drunk. Roy.
12 years ago 5
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Come in
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Dursley Rural Festival Walking Events Program
I have been helping Vale Vision Development Trust Ltd (a not for profit company) produce the program of events as on the 24th May is the launch of Englands newest National Trail the Cotswold Way The...
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Halifax Beer Festival
Just a reminder that it's the Halifax Beer Festival this Friday and Saturday (11th & 12th May). Once again it's being held at the impressive 18th Century Square Chapel, 2 minutes away from the railway...
12 years ago
Is it my imagination or ...
.have Young's beers improved since production has moved to Bedford? I lived in Wandsworth for many years and I'm a still a regular visitor - it seems to me that their bitter is a much less hit-and-m...
12 years ago 2
Harvey's Best (?)
Is it me, or has something changed in the way Harvey's make their best bitter? I've not had a decent pint of the stuff all year, and I commented on the fact to several drinking friends this lunchtim...
12 years ago 21
Belgium beer recommendations?
Could someone give advice? I'm going to Belgium in a few days and I would like to buy a few cases or so of decent beer. I'm not going to go for Leffe or Hoegaarden. What are the recommended bottled...
12 years ago 21