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Duty cut by 1p in Budget
I note that beer duty has gone down by 1p a pint instead of going up between 3p and 6p a pint. Something to celebrate for once. Don't think we'll see many breweries cutting their prices by 1p bu...
6 years ago 15
Leeds Beer Festival
I note that Leeds Beer Festival is coming up at Pudsey Civic Centre again soon. An interesting development is that there will be...
6 years ago 2
New edition of Tap-room available
Beer, pub, brewery and festival news with a touch of humour. For Essex and beyond, the latest on-line edition is available at
6 years ago 1
English Heritage - Gazetteer of operating pre-1940 breweries in England
6 years ago 1
Dalmuir or Clydebank
Tried this last year and didn't get any responses--perhaps there just aren't any decent pubs in the area, but I'm off to Dalmuir soon and was wondering if there's any real ale there, and save the 30...
6 years ago 1 FAQ
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6 years ago 5
Contact for Guild of British Beer Samplers
I have been looking on the net for a contact for GOBBS, can anyone please help? My e-mail is Cheers Scott
6 years ago
OT John Smiths Price Increase
It has been announced that John Smith's smooth is going up by around 2.5p a pint and being reduced in strength from 3.8% to 3.6%. ...
6 years ago 12
New edition of Tap-room
Beer, brewery and pub news with a touch of Humour for Essex and beyond Includes details on pub and CAMRA festivals New online edition for Jan/Feb now available.
6 years ago
Brew Denell Beer Fest
Short notice I know, but this weekend sees the first beer festival at the Brudenell Social Club near the University in Leeds. Beers all from small breweries, including Magic Rock, Kernel, Summer Wine...
6 years ago 2
Christmas time, mistletoe and wine
Roll on January 1st! Why do brewers all kowtow to marketing and role conditioning to give us Rudolph's This, Santa's That, copious beers with 'Elf' in their title, and bleedin' robins and reindeer ev...
6 years ago 3
South Pennine real ale web site.
Anyone in the area might be interested in this new web site about things real ale in the South Pennines. Mike
6 years ago 2
Sam Smith's OBB
Is it just me, or has Sam's Old Brewery Bitter gone right down the pan in the past year? I don't drink it that often, but every pint this year has been cold and gassy, with a distinct sour note in the...
6 years ago 4
Something for the weekend
The Old Fountain, 3 Baldwin Street, London EC1V 9NU [exit 8 from Old Street tube station] Beer, Folk and Blues Festival 13-14th October in celebration of The Old Fountain opening at weekends. Op...
6 years ago
Broughton Beer and Bangers festival - 10 pubs, 100 + real ales
A good day out with mini buses to the remotest fells village pubs all putting on spcial sausages and guest beers. This weekend. Nearest train station - Foxfield - over the road from first ... last .....
6 years ago 9