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In this morning's What's Brewing a new website called is featured, which "stocks around 200 beers from around the world." is a Go Daddy placeholder. is some so...
6 years ago 1
Lytham Beer Festival
Time to iron your best Farah slacks and press your yachting blazer and get yourself down to Lytham Beer Festival Thur 4 to Sat 6 October. Beer list now available here.
6 years ago 2
Oldgate Hebden Brdge
Pub reopening on Friday this week, formerly the Inn on the Bridge. Some Saltaire was seen being delivered there today. Be nic...
6 years ago
Blue Anchor beers in West Yorkshire
The Navigation at Mirfield has its thrice-yearly beer festival from Thursday teatime until last orders on Sunday this week. Over 35 beers will be on at once, all handpulled and cellar-cooled, mostly ...
6 years ago 2
Douglas, IoM
I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for a couple of pubs to try in the Douglas area. Many thanks
6 years ago 4
Heads up - Sainsbury's
My local Sainsbury's (Dalston, London) is selling about 20 craft bottled ales on 3 for £4 deal. Brewers include Cotleigh, Sambrook, Williams (Alloa), Blue Monkey etc. E.
6 years ago
Why buy £1000s in beer and tell few people about it?
A local publican decides to have first beer festival. It is advertised in a local beer magazine but the publican doesn't seem to know the correct pub email and web address. On visiting the pub the...
6 years ago 2
Old Hall Beer Festival, Chinley
In my relentless search to seek out new beer festivals, here's one worthy of consideration. The Old Hall Inn at Chinley in Derbyshire is a wonderful old C16th pub in the heart of the village. It has ...
6 years ago 6
"Indy Man Beer Con", 5-6 October
Here's a novelty - a beer festival in a swimming pool. Not actually a pool full of beer, you understand, that would be a bit boring, it would all be the same beer. Though I suppose you could have show...
6 years ago 2
New edition of Tap-room (Essex and beyond)
Beer, pub, brewery and festival news with a touch of humour The latest on-line version of Tap-room is available at
6 years ago
Burnley and Keighley Beer Festivals.
Two beer festivals within 30 miles of each other. Both are possible within a day. Keighley is in a new more central venue, the Central Hall in Alice Street, a mere 5 minutes from the railway station....
6 years ago
Central Asian beer
So, does anywhere in Britain sell beer from the microbreweries of Kyrgyzstan? This is actually quite interesting: there is a local beer boom in a post-communist...
6 years ago 6
Test - apologies!
Sorry about this but I'm only seeing replies to my posts, not my posts. Please ignore! Cliff
6 years ago
E-petition news
I don't know what grieves me more: the fact that we, the beer drinkers of Britain, still haven't got enough signatures together to force Her Majesty's Government to reconsider the rate at which they j...
6 years ago 7
Walsall - pub accomodation?
I'll be in Walsall in a few weeks. I've been trawling through some hotel sites but most of the time it's the usual story -- naff furniture, staff in silly waistcoats, wallpaper from the set of Abigail...
6 years ago 3