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Christmas time, mistletoe and wine
Roll on January 1st! Why do brewers all kowtow to marketing and role conditioning to give us Rudolph's This, Santa's That, copious beers with 'Elf' in their title, and bleedin' robins and reindeer ev...
7 years ago 3
South Pennine real ale web site.
Anyone in the area might be interested in this new web site about things real ale in the South Pennines. Mike
7 years ago 2
Sam Smith's OBB
Is it just me, or has Sam's Old Brewery Bitter gone right down the pan in the past year? I don't drink it that often, but every pint this year has been cold and gassy, with a distinct sour note in the...
7 years ago 4
Something for the weekend
The Old Fountain, 3 Baldwin Street, London EC1V 9NU [exit 8 from Old Street tube station] Beer, Folk and Blues Festival 13-14th October in celebration of The Old Fountain opening at weekends. Op...
7 years ago
Broughton Beer and Bangers festival - 10 pubs, 100 + real ales
A good day out with mini buses to the remotest fells village pubs all putting on spcial sausages and guest beers. This weekend. Nearest train station - Foxfield - over the road from first ... last .....
7 years ago 9
In this morning's What's Brewing a new website called is featured, which "stocks around 200 beers from around the world." is a Go Daddy placeholder. is some so...
7 years ago 1
Lytham Beer Festival
Time to iron your best Farah slacks and press your yachting blazer and get yourself down to Lytham Beer Festival Thur 4 to Sat 6 October. Beer list now available here.
7 years ago 2
Oldgate Hebden Brdge
Pub reopening on Friday this week, formerly the Inn on the Bridge. Some Saltaire was seen being delivered there today. Be nic...
7 years ago
Blue Anchor beers in West Yorkshire
The Navigation at Mirfield has its thrice-yearly beer festival from Thursday teatime until last orders on Sunday this week. Over 35 beers will be on at once, all handpulled and cellar-cooled, mostly ...
7 years ago 2
Douglas, IoM
I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for a couple of pubs to try in the Douglas area. Many thanks
7 years ago 4
Heads up - Sainsbury's
My local Sainsbury's (Dalston, London) is selling about 20 craft bottled ales on 3 for £4 deal. Brewers include Cotleigh, Sambrook, Williams (Alloa), Blue Monkey etc. E.
7 years ago
Why buy £1000s in beer and tell few people about it?
A local publican decides to have first beer festival. It is advertised in a local beer magazine but the publican doesn't seem to know the correct pub email and web address. On visiting the pub the...
7 years ago 2
Old Hall Beer Festival, Chinley
In my relentless search to seek out new beer festivals, here's one worthy of consideration. The Old Hall Inn at Chinley in Derbyshire is a wonderful old C16th pub in the heart of the village. It has ...
7 years ago 6
"Indy Man Beer Con", 5-6 October
Here's a novelty - a beer festival in a swimming pool. Not actually a pool full of beer, you understand, that would be a bit boring, it would all be the same beer. Though I suppose you could have show...
7 years ago 2
New edition of Tap-room (Essex and beyond)
Beer, pub, brewery and festival news with a touch of humour The latest on-line version of Tap-room is available at
7 years ago