St Patrick's Day = Beer & Cheese

Just wanted to let everyone know that we just announced three new collections for this upcoming St. Patrick's Day. Each collection includes 3 cave aged artisan cheese from around the world, crackers and nuts. If you are planning on celebrating check it out at 'Gourmet Cheese | Cheese Gift Baskets | Artisanal Cheese'
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Lager Collection- 2 Year Cheddar, Prima Donna & Fourm D'ambert. Cheese isn't the only thing that is cave aged! Lagers first developed in caves as the low temperature drew out the mellow and nutty flavors of these popular brews. It's no wonder that lagers and cheese are a match made in heaven. A pale lager or dark lager is a cheese's best friend. Cheeses mostly in our medium and bold category bring out the best in these beers.
IPA Collection- Brie de Nangis, Hittisau & Wendsleydale benefit from the light and effervescent nature of this beer which is high in alcohol. The pale malt ales date back all the way to the 17th century! Named after the famous East India Company, a wide variety of countries boast their own versions of this lighter, refreshing brew, including the United Kingdom, United States and Belgium.
Stout Collection- Scharfe Maxx, Livarot, Roomano. Nothing quite says St. Patrick's Day like a good old fashioned dark Irish beer. Dark beer's rich and almost chocolate qualities pair well with cheeses in our Bold and Strong categories. The roasted dark earthiness of these thick meaty beers call for a stronger hand on pairing by the Artisanal Cheeseclock principles.
Check it out at 'Gourmet Cheese | Cheese Gift Baskets | Artisanal Cheese'
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(pssst free shipping deal between 3/8-3/9) see site for details. Promocode "IRISH".
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