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Now on. As there's 30, not 50 ales I might get to see more than half this time.
3 years ago
Double malted beer?
I am from Italy and I beg your pardon for my poor English which is not my mothertongue and perhaps not good enough to let me explain my question so, please be patient for this. A (almost ex) fri...
4 years ago 1
Food the happiest of traditions - Reviving old recipes
4 years ago
Jolt Cola
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4 years ago 1
Nuutti - nutrient calculation software
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5 years ago
New York City
Greetings. My brother and I will be in New York City for a few days next month and we're wondering if anyone here would have some advice / recommendations / suggestions regarding any mini- or micro-...
6 years ago
Last Lobster Roll of the Season
Favorite Beer and Food Picture 0001…
6 years ago
Lamb Shanks with White Beans in Beer
Beer Basics Cooks Lamb Shanks …
6 years ago
A Beer-based Mac&Cheese Recipe
BeerBasics Beer Mac & Cheese recipe…
6 years ago
Pot Roast a la Stout
Who can forget a Stout Pot Roast?
6 years ago
Canadian Yellow Split-pea Soup with Smoked Beer
It’s Canadian-Style Yellow Split-Pea Soup with…
6 years ago
lunar beer
I have facilitated alignment between the Coors brand (including Coors Light here in Canada) and Luna the moon. That means I have a new full moon beer, Coors Light instead of Harp. Unfortunately ...
6 years ago 1
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7 years ago
Homemade Lite Beer
Seems the lite beers sell better than the standard beer these days. For those of you who brew your own beer, have you ever made any lite? I dont brew, but have considered it. I'm just curious abou...
7 years ago 1
american craft beer measures
I notice on the menus of craft beer bars usually only 12 oz or 16 oz measures are priced, is their usually a 1/2 measure, if you are tasting one does not want too many 16 oz 8 % beers
7 years ago 1