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Requiem for the Rolling Rock Brewery
The recent purchase of the Rolling Rock beer brand by megabrewer Anheuser-Busch has been a topic of conversation here a couple of times, so I thought that this tribute to the brewery would be of i...
12 years ago 16
dave kelley
Dave Kelley, a longtime reader and poster of this beer forum, left us on Thursday. He collapsed while jogging here in Austin, and was unable to be revived. He was a freelance writer for the new Dr...
12 years ago 4
Mendocino BC
I'm liking everything from these guys. They'er in Cali ...and have a place in Sarasota Springs NY? DId they take over this brewery or something? I Liked their Blue Heron Pale Ale. The Red Tail ...
12 years ago 2
Essen X-mas Beer Fest - PIX ! Great X-mas beer fest folks. 114 Belgian X-mas beers to choose from. Excellent quality ! Hope to see you all next year Che...
12 years ago
My Interview with Maureen Ogle - author of - Ambitious Brew (The Story of American Beer)
Greetings, The following is the link to my recent interview with Maureen Ogle - author of Ambitious Brew -
12 years ago
Flying Dog
Although skeptical at first, the various FD ales have grown on me. The IPA is a doozy!
12 years ago 4
Inaugural Issue of BeerAdvocate magazine Goes to Print
12 years ago 1
My take on the SNCA 2006
My favorite brew by far so I feel I will post in the group for the first time in maybe years. This years is good as always maybe not as good as last but right up there. It has a bit more malt bit to...
12 years ago
Great wines shop
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12 years ago 1
air then what
I just saw Twin Falls Idaho and you will like it especially if you like genetics and teratology It would either be at the TLA or the Doylestown, not a big commcl theater Take a friend User Com...
12 years ago 3
Beer Making Info
Check out
12 years ago
mr me trill
Did you ever see Dee Snyder acting? You know, didn't you ever see him on those sitcoms? He made a couple guest appearancess. he was really funny
12 years ago
Pittsburgh Brewing says it has investor to bail it out
Brewery says it has investor to bail it out Thursday, November 30, 2006 By Len Boselovic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh Brewing President Joseph Piccirilli said today an unnamed investor has ...
12 years ago
Which home brew kit do you have and why?
I would like to get my dad a home brewing kit for Christmas but there is quite a selection on the internet and I don't know anything about it and he is very much into beer so I would like it to be a...
12 years ago 16
Emperor's drunken legionairre tripel-spalter
Gettin back to the brewin!, and inspired by THIRSTY SATANIC HELL FURY, The emperor may transmogrify a super hopped Flanders special. Thinking around 1.0...
12 years ago