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Vintage history Gentlemans Club Whitbread FA
Your Club ,7 colour plates,38 b/w illustrations,58 pages,dustwrapper a little faded,chipped,book itself VGC. Pub.Whitbread & Company (Brewers) Really unusual item a history of the British gentlemen...
12 years ago
SNCA Vertical
After all the talk about whether it's worth the willpower to cellar SNCA, I figured last night was as good a time as any to see how my little collection was faring. Answer: Not Good. Methodolog...
12 years ago 6
Liquid spice + beer query
I am interested in a beer I had in Chiapas, Mexico. The michelada on wikipedia is: 1 good squeeze of lime juice, a few drops each of hot sauce, worcestershire and soy sauce, salt rimmed glass and ...
12 years ago 4
The MOST bars
Following up my thread since Seattle has a lot of interest. Rank in order of bars per capita. OK I did some search on City Search. City bars pop rain i...
12 years ago 1
Bell's HOP slam
Just tried this one, never knew it existed, happy to see it . 1.095 og 70 ibu, Aroma and flavor hops kicked ass was not as bitter as i expected , had good malt backbone :) Pineyapple flavor, had big...
12 years ago
Point's Cascade Pale Ale. Floral Hops are very pleasingly pleasant in this brew.
12 years ago 2
Beer Info
Check out
12 years ago
FA: Steinlarger/Stonelarger T-shirt NEW New Zealand
12 years ago
Last call put off for Pittsburgh Brewing
Last call put off for Pittsburgh Brewing Hearing postponement could let in other industry veterans Wednesday, November 08, 2006 By Len Boselovic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Bankrupt Pittsburgh Brewi...
12 years ago 4
Tipping at the bar
how much should i tip at the bar/pub etc. Is it the standard 15%? or should it be more.What should i take in consideration? the kind of food/drinks served, how much time i spend there. thank you ...
12 years ago 24
Bay Area brewery where you can make your own beer
Hi, I remembered about 10 years ago I participated with a group of friends and make our own brand of beer at a south bay micro-brewery. The brewery runs this service as a business. They provide rec...
12 years ago 4
Seattle Mug Club Deals
Hi What are the pubs in seattle that have good drinking clubs? 1) Ram micro brewery - For $25 entry fee you get 23 oz beers for $3 for one year. 2) Rock Bottom Brewery Mug - free entry fee you get ...
12 years ago 1
Seattle - Brew Pubs -->Clubs
Hi what are teh pubs in seattle that have good drinking clubs? ram micro brewery has mug club for $25 and you get 23 oz beers for $3 for one year. McCormiks has $40 brew club which includes dinners ...
12 years ago
Anyone know of a Seattle Area "Brew on Premesis?
I'm moving from Hawaii to the Port Townsend, WA area and was wondering if there were any Brew on Premesis establishments in the Seattle area that are still in business? Thanks Jim
12 years ago 3
Celebration & Refrigeration
Hi, all, 1). Yesterday, I picked up my annual case of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. But this 2006 batch seems plenty different then several years past. I noticed very little "hoppiness". Not th...
12 years ago 15