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Any tips on getting home brew beer to clear quickly
I'm brewing a pale ale using light malt extract, hops (fuggles) and crystal malt. I keg it. It tastes great and retains the head but it's very slow to clear. Does anyone have any suggestions? KEVIN...
12 years ago 6
SNCA 2006
Arrived in Austin - on tap - yesterday. Very happy Halloween. dave in austin and on the celebration
12 years ago 1
Great Lakes : Burning River Pale Ale
This is probably the most flavorful PA's I've ever had (borders on IPA I would say). I was pleasantly suprised by this tasty brew... anyone else try this yet? TM
12 years ago 5
pain reliever + beer
what pain reliever is safe for frequent drinkers? i hear Tylenol can fry my liver. thanks. Gravity
12 years ago 17
Buying online
Has anyone purchased from Groggle ? It has some good beers but tends to be a little wine orientated. BevMo is good too but mainly serves California. Wh...
12 years ago 4
Ringnes in the States
Any source for Ringnes in the New York City area? I love this stuff! I haven't seen it in years.
12 years ago 1
dogfish pumpkin ale
Went to my local pub and wanted something different. I ordered the pumpkin ale that was on tap, $3.00 pint. It was nothing special. Very boring taste, but a nice color. I didn't taste any spic...
12 years ago 8
Review: lagunitas "censored" rich copper ale
Today at lunch I tried a "censored" copper ale. I've heard that lagunitas is overhyped so I was expecting as much. But, I must say, I was very pleasantly surprised. When I took my first gulp, it ...
12 years ago
Judge grudgingly gives Pittsburgh Brewing two more weeks
Judge grudgingly gives Pittsburgh Brewing two more weeks Wednesday, October 25, 2006 By Len Boselovic, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette U.S. Bankruptcy Judge M. Bruce McCullough yesterday granted Pittsbu...
12 years ago
great Aussie beer ad
Boutique brewery in Australia, Little Creatures, have just launched this advertising gem: I love the creativity these brewers are putting into their ads - there's been som...
12 years ago 2
Vintage Guinness publicity book 1939 Dublin FA
Guinness Dublin 1939, slight bumping to corners otherwise VGC ,64 pages. Extremely rare Guiness advertising/publicity book for their delightful beverage with various Guinness related articles & pics...
12 years ago
Best Cheap Beer
When I am going for cheap I will get Yuengling or Rolling Rock. Are there any other beers in that range I should consider?
12 years ago 17
The Winter Beers Are Out Already ? !!
Surprised to see that most are all out already, before Halloween even! I picked up a 6 pack of Pyramid Snow Cap, which has always been my favorite.
12 years ago 1
Unibroue 15
Picked up two Unibroue 15, but know little about this ale. What do people think about this before I uncork one.
12 years ago 3
The Return Of The Belgian Beer Fest Beer List
Enjoy! Cheers! Jason
12 years ago