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Microbrewery on the Caribbean Island of Tortola investors needed to work and play in Paradise
We have a trade(business) license which has been renewed each year now for 18 years. Brewery Operation in Road Town Road Harbour Brewing Company Ltd. Burgess Morse, Owner/Manager P.O Box 4848 Road To...
7 years ago 1
This is how you should pour a beer... ...I tried it and it works!
7 years ago 1
Beer Diagram Poster "There's nothing quite like the power and the passion of Broadway music. Musicals carry us to a different time and place, but in the end...
7 years ago
Burham (on Crouch) beer Festival - one to avoid
In previous years a degree of rank amateurism has been evident at this festival. Tonight it descended further into insanity. Dead on 11 pm the bar closed - no problem with this. At the same time ...
7 years ago
Is Landlord as good as it used to be?
A lot of once famous premium beers have lost character over the years, but Landlord is still a satisfying drink IMHO. But was it once even better?
7 years ago 2
New on-line edition of TAP-room (Essex and beyond)
New on-line edition of TAP-room available Beer, pub, festival and brewery news with a touch of humour. Details of 30 Essex beer festivals in the next 8 weeks
7 years ago 1
Essex Beer Festivals plus news
New on-line edition of TAP-room available Beer, pub, festival and brewery news with a touch of humour.
8 years ago
Beer formula recently discovered from 1825 Archives
Formula for beer from the year1825 has just been discovered in archives. ----------------...
8 years ago 15
The Bamboo Cocktail is another classic cocktail that is a variation of the Martini and an excellent before dinner drink Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz dry vermouth 1 1/2 oz sherry 2 dashes orange bitters 2 ...
8 years ago 4
Which beer goes best with your favorite beef jerky?
Nice cold Budweiser
8 years ago
Take the beer label quiz
8 years ago 2
St Patrick's Day = Beer & Cheese
Just wanted to let everyone know that we just announced three new collections for this upcoming St. Patrick's Day. Each collection includes 3 cave aged artisan cheese from around the world, crackers ...
9 years ago
dry counties
are there still parts of the USA which are DRY(no alcohol)>.
9 years ago 4
"Beer - A Genuine Collection of Cans"
Wall Street Journal Retailers sold more than 49 million cases of beer in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl last year, according to Nielsen. But how many drinkers will...
9 years ago
Four Loko Is Back!
I was the first one to buy some at the grocery store when the rep was there stocking the shelves. I'm so proud of myself. I have no idea how they taste, though. Update next week. -sw
9 years ago 5