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Selling my 2009 Sam Adams Utopias (27% abv)
I hate to do it but I have to... sucks to need money more than you need beer! hope someone wants it - 0545804468 thanks... Jim
9 years ago
This Bud's for sale
(Wall Street Journal) - If ever an American company represented the land of milk and honey for corporate executives it was Anheuser- Busch, though perhaps the land of hops, rice and barley would be...
9 years ago 3
15 Year Old Beer Tasting Notes
I found this going through the archives of my old websites. These are beer tasting notes I wrote back in the early days of the post-text Internet - middle to late 90's. I was very active in back then....
9 years ago 8
New Facebook group supports privatizing Virginia's liquor stores
We Support Privatizing Virginia's Liquor Sales For more than seven decades, wholesale and retail sales of spirits in Virginia have been operated as a socialist "enterprise." We support developing...
9 years ago
FA: FOSTER'S BEER Inflatable CROCODILE biting a can
Hello :) Auction ending soon... NOS (New Old Stock) FOSTER'S Lager Beer Inflatable Crocodile biting a can... Was most likely manufactured during 1986 to 2001 to coincide with one of the Crocodile...
9 years ago 2
Good Beer Bar in LA?
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a great pub to go to with friends in the Los Angeles area, but I just can't seem to find a place with top-notch beer. I'm a big fan of German and Belgian varieties, but...
10 years ago 2
Molson Canadian Cold Shots?
hey, so i have a question about molson canadian cold shots i'm on a budget so i've been getting these (5$ CAD for a 4-pack) but they taste like crap. but they get the job done for a college student so...
10 years ago 1
Headstrong Pale Ale from Utica
The Headstrong Pale Ale I used to get at my LCBO store was brewed either in Montana or Wisconsin (or even Guelph, Ontario if you go back several years). But the latest bunch the LCBO got in is in new...
10 years ago
Need Your Help With Beer And Food!
Hey there fellow beer and food lovers! I am writing a book about beer and food and I would appreciate your help to fill in a 1 question survey, it wil only take 40 seconds to fill in. Oh and if you...
10 years ago
The Pubs of Oxford
I've been working on a website that lists the opening times (and a few other crucial bits of info) of pubs in and around Oxford. I wrote it mainly as a way of deciding which pub to go to, but...
10 years ago
World Alcoholic Drinks Industry Looks at New Markets and Trends to Boost Business
While unfavorable currency rates and the global consumer credit crunch contributed to a temporary dip in the volume of sales, consumption has been steadily on the increase in the last several months,...
10 years ago 1
Karl Strauss
San Diego just wrapped up it's 1st annual beer week and it was a huge success! I just posted in my blog about a Karl Strauss beer dinner that we had - amazing! I'm very into craft beer and food...
10 years ago 8
Gallon soda Tabs for a Keg of BEER?
Has anyone heard of the rumor of turning in a gallon of soda tabs in excahnge for a keg of beer?? If so is there a place in Fort Myers, Florida where I could turn it in?
10 years ago
microbrews in India?
Are there any microbrews available in India, either imported or brewed in India? Thanks.
10 years ago
Iron City To Brew Last Batch In Lawrenceville
Posted: 7:04 am EDT June 22, 2009 Updated: 8:22 am EDT June 22, 2009 PITTSBURGH -- Iron City Brewing Co. will brew its last batch of beer in its Lawrenceville facility this week. The company is moving...
11 years ago 1