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beer cooler
We are the manufacture from China,produced kinds of high quality refrigerators. such as:wine cooler,wine storage,beer showcase,hotel refrigerator,mini bar,cooler box, can cooler,car refriger...
13 years ago 2
The Most Bars
In all my travels, I kinda think my hometown has a good many bars, and perhaps more bars per capita. than most other cities. Did not find much on the web. I'm sure there must be some info.There is o...
13 years ago 11
best IPA ever?
I consider myself fairly experienced with IPAs and I've recently discovered "Racer 5" by Bear Republic. I think it's the best IPA I've ever had, foreign or domestic. Only one that comes clos...
13 years ago 74
Bud May Buy Rolling Rock Beer
"Anheuser-Busch Cos., the world's largest brewer, may be close to buying Latrobe Brewing Co., maker of Rolling Rock beer, according to a report from a Wall Street securities analyst. " quoted from ...
13 years ago 6
Price of beer anywhere in world
Hiya, Made this little website a couple of months ago, and after a few prominent links has had thousends of people contributing to the database of beer prices anywhere in the world. While I try an...
13 years ago
Okay, I know it's not quality beer, but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where I can buy beer in plastic bottles? I know Coors and Miller have versions and I'm hoping to get a couple cases to dr...
13 years ago 3
Florida microbrews?
I'm headed to the Orlando area next week and would like to quaff some local brew if possible. I'm not familiar with any Florida-brewed beer. Can anybody help me out? Also, if you know of any good ...
13 years ago 5
Black and Tan Controversy
I read that Ben and Jerry's is getting heat from the Irish for naming a ice cream flavor Black and Tan because the term has something to do with the British troops which occupied their country. Blac...
13 years ago 7
Find or order Panamanian Beer?
Anyone know where to find beer from Panama in Houston or how to order it? Have a birthday party for father in law, who was born in Panama. Been looking online all day with no luck.
13 years ago 2
Looking for a man from Stockport near Manchester
13 years ago
History of BEER & FOOD Book
Maybe someone here can help me... I'm working on a manuscript for book titled, BEER & FOOD: An American History, to be published in the fall by Jefferson Press . I'm hopin...
13 years ago
Kapsreiter Landbier
Man...this Euro lager is absolutely delicious. Lots of malt *and* hop character and so nicely balanced... makes my taste buds want to jump up and shout! Seriously, if you see it around your neck ...
13 years ago 11
National Boh Beer AKA Gutter Water
In spring and early summer 1962, Boh had a sale on quart bottles: three quarts for $1. That's the equivalent of 8 brew-skis for a buck. That was cheap, even back then. I was too poor to afford t...
13 years ago 4
simple question regarding "Bitburger Drive"
Anyone know the carbohydrate count in "Bitburger Drive"? ( I'm on the wagon for the next few weeks (trying to lose that last few pounds), but I like beer too much so I'm do...
13 years ago 5
The Best Beer Bar in Philly for American Beer ?
All info is greatly welcome here, or at: Cheers,
13 years ago 5