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Mutzig 'Old Lager'
Hi Am new to this group so would be very grateful for any guidance. I googled long and hard but couldnt for the life of me find any exporters/importers of Mutzig (Old Lager). I wondered if anyone ...
13 years ago 5
Beer in Austin
Just saw Austin mentioned in Dave's Sig and it reminded me that my annual trip to drink beer while my wife schmoozes with music industry folk at SXSW is rapidly approaching. I'm already planning on...
13 years ago 6
Chicago O'Hare
Thanks to some out-of-the blue change in flight schedules, I will have to spend 3 instead of 2 hours fiddling my thumbs on Chicago O'Hare airport in April. Is there somewhere a pub on the transit ...
13 years ago 7
Lewis on decoction
I'm writing an article on decoction brewing for Zymurgy magazine. I recall back in about 1999, Dr. Michael Lewis published a study he'd done saying basically decoction offered nothing that couldn't...
13 years ago 41
african beer
I recently traveled to Ghana, West Africa, and have been looking for a place to buy their beer here in the United States. I'm specifically looking for Star Beer. Has anyone seen any? I live in Ce...
13 years ago 2
[OT] King Cobra
13 years ago 3
ZBF beer list online
ZBF, short for Zythos Beer Festival takes place on March 4 & 5 2006 in St. Niklaas, Belgium. Take a look at the beer list at More information in English avail...
13 years ago
New York City bars
Hi guys! A couple of very good friends of mine over here in Yorkshire are flying to NYC on Monady for a few days. They're both big real ale fans. Which bars should they visit? I'm thinking in term...
13 years ago 9
Anyone around Jacksonville Florida interested in splitting up full kegs?!
I keep a few beers on draft at home and find it difficult to run through entire kegs before they expire (not to mention it's expensive). Note that certain imports are only available in full kegs and...
13 years ago
Cheater Pints
How can fine beer establishments get away with calling their pints, 'pints' when they're really 12oz? Isn't there a law against this :-) JaKe Seattle
13 years ago 11
Preserving Guinness on draft at home?!
Hey all, Just coming to the end of my first keg of Guinness at home. However, wasn't really able to finish the whole thing before it went bad. It seems you get about 90 days of freshness for Guinne...
13 years ago 6
DEalcoholized Guinness?
Okay, I realize to the regular users of this group my question may verge on sacrilege, but my defense is that in my 21 years of drinking real beer, I drank my lifetime's share ;-) Several years ago...
13 years ago 14
Victory Brewing Releases Doppelsticke Alt In February
Can't wait to try this at the EBF!!! (Downingtown, PA) - Victory Brewing has created the first doppelsticke alt beer to be produced in the United States. Ten Years Alt, as it has been named, cele...
13 years ago 1
Bridgeport Supris Worth a Try
I normally don't drink blonde ales either my preference is the darker the better. Got talked into trying this one from Bridgeport - Supris. It doesn't disappoint. Thought it was a good session beer....
13 years ago
Tried Bridgeport Supris
I just tried a new beer from Bridgeport last night. I thought they mainly did English style ales but this one is a belgian blond. Anyone tried it? I thought it was pretty good - it's a 6% so it has ...
13 years ago 1