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Wooo! Got my shipment of 4 bottles of Victory V12 and have a couple of bottles of Russian River Redemption headed my way as well. The latter *could* be a nice session beer as it's only 4.8%abv. P...
13 years ago 11
English Inns 1947 Vintage pubs FA
English Inns 1947 by Thomas Burke. Original owners inscription Dustwrapper good + book itself in VGC Lovely old book from the Britain in Pictures Series with the customary superb plates. Fascinating...
13 years ago
bottled beers to sell (UK)
wonder if you can help?, a number of years ago I know there was a bottled beer collectors club as my ex was a member. I am now left to dispose of a large collection of bottled beers currently sto...
13 years ago
Beer WWW
Beer WWW Come and chat about your favourite beer. Anyone from around the world is welcome to come and chat about Beer. So pull up a stool order your beer and chat
13 years ago
Republican seeks to ban sale of cold beer
13 years ago 6
Good Article About Growlers
There was a nice article about growlers, and local microbrewer in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. See Links:
13 years ago 4
Had some Summit brews over the holidays. Must say they are crafted very well. Esp liked the IPA.
13 years ago 5
Brewers in 35 States Serve Poor Richard's Ale
(Sorry for posting this twice, accidentally posted the first time in an unrelated thread, so for those who missed it...) Brewers in 35 States Serve Poor Richard's Ale on Ben Franklin's Birthday Tu...
13 years ago
New Year's Eve beers
I started with draft Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout and Stoudt's Winter Ale. I came home and opened a Gouden Carolus Noel. What did you drink?
13 years ago 10
"Spirited look at pleasures a favorite bar can provide"
Spirited look at pleasures a favorite bar can provide When my mother would rag my father for stopping after work to have a drink with "the fellas," his less-than-perfectly-logical defense was, "It's...
13 years ago 2
Corsendonk Christmas Ale
If you see a 750ml bottle of this around, it's a nice brown ale with just a touch of spice to make it interesting. Longer review in the blog, but I liked it enough to mention while there's a hope...
13 years ago
The unsophisticated Ritz cracker guy is back. Now I do have a good question. Feel free to degrade me if you will. As I have 1000 times before, I poured a glass of Guinness Draught into a thick sto...
13 years ago 6
2 more Rogues
I just bought a bottle each of the Festive Ale and Morimoto IMPY Pilsner. Thoughts to follow shortly. ;^)
13 years ago 11
7 hours at Schiphol: Westvleteren 12?
I've got a 7-hour layover next Tuesday in Amsterdam. Two summers ago I went to Utrecht. Bert's Bierhuis had a shelf full of all three Westvleterens, and a few blocks away there was a beer fest w...
13 years ago
Bert Grant's
Anyone know the latest on this brew house? I heard it's closed and sold the name, but I just bough a six pack and it still says Yakima Brewery, Yakima, Wa. What gives? This is the best. Not sure ...
13 years ago 2