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tyskie beer polish
Who can speak about the polish beer henning nothing, really. take some lessons from the Czechs first. What would you like to know about Polish beer? Ask right away... cheers The 2 Baltic Porters I've...
12 years ago 7
The Return Of The Belgian Beer Fest!
The Return Of The Belgian Beer Fest Oct 26th & 27th @ The Boston Center for the Arts 539 Tremont, Boston, MA Oct 26th # Night of the Funk from: Cabot Cheese, Sunset Grill & Waffle Haus Oct 27th #...
12 years ago 3
Colt 45 in 40oz cans?
Is there any beer that comes in a 40oz can? I thought I had seen an abnormally large can of Colt 45 at one point, but I'm thinking it was a 32oz can, not 40. -sw How big were those Fosters "oil cans?"...
12 years ago 3
Miller and Coors are merging US operations
Excerpts: NEW YORK (Reuters) — Brewers SABMiller (SBMRY)and Molson Coors Brewing (TAP) have agreed to combine their U.S. operations to create a venture with annual beer sales of 69 million barrels...
12 years ago
FA: Vintage Miller High Life lighted bar sign
12 years ago
Beer Pong
12 years ago
We should use BEER to conquer Iran!!!
We should bomb Iran with beer. The Iranians will get drunk very soon and we'll be able to invade Iran!!! They'll also get addicted to our beer and they'll be our slaves for all eternity!!! What do you...
12 years ago 4
PR: Boston's premier German Beer Fest to put Germany back on the Beer Map
Boston, MA - September 10, 2007 - In Germany, September 22 marks the official opening of Oktoberfest in München -and grand celebration of life with beer. Many in the US attempt to recreate this...
12 years ago 15
Saison Imperiale - Belgian Farmhouse Ale
With all of this "Imperial" beer talk lately I remembered that there was still a bottle of Saison Imperiale Belgian Farmhouse Ale (from De Proef Brouwerij in Lochristi, Belgium) in the back of my beer...
12 years ago
Cascade Lakes Brewing Company - Rooster Tail Ale
After reading Lew Bryson's latest on Fat Tire, I felt a need to grab some sort of flagship session ale that the beer snobs would certainly turn their nose up at. Don't get me wrong, I am all over...
12 years ago
Short's Brewing Company - Good Feller Imperial IPA
I'm knee deep in Oktoberfestbier and Pumpkin ales right now. Still have a few summer ales to take care of; I am sure some sort of Indian summer will kick in and I will polish those off. While I...
12 years ago 1
Opa-Opa Brewing Company - Red Rock Ale
Does it seem like more and more brewpubs are getting into bottling their beer? From building an extension onto the existing brewpub for a bottling line, a simple pressure filler in the corner of the...
12 years ago
Whole Foods and Growlers
I saw in Wednesday's (August 29ths) food section of the NY Times that a Whole Foods in the New York city area is selling growlers that you can have refilled with your favorite micro. Sounds like a...
12 years ago
Michael Jackson passes away
I found this link on Beer Advocate: :^( My sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends. Truly sad. This man changed my life for the better. On Fri, 31 Aug 2007, jjfjksdf unabashedly...
12 years ago 2
Deschutes 19th Anniversary Golden Ale
It has been a while since I really reflected back on where craft beer started in my life and where it is today. Less than two decades for me, when you hear of a craft brewer celebrating their 19th...
12 years ago