Global Day of Action against Starbucks (July 5)

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July 5: Global Day of Action Against Starbucks Tuesday, July 01 2008 @ 01:24 PM CDT
Global Day of Action Against Starbucks
In the name of the Union of Commerce of CNT Seville (Spain) I am inviting base unions and anarchist groups to help us to organize a GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST STARBUCKS, the coffee shop multinational.
CNT Seville and the Starbucks Workers Union in Gran Rapids, Michigan (USA) have called for protests against Starbucks for the 5th of JULY 08 all over the world. Union organizers of both unions, Mónica and Cole, have recently been fired because of their union activity. We cannot allow multinationals to practice union busting.
It would be great if a rank-and-file union or an anarchist group could organize a picket, a demo, o some sort of action, specially for the 5th of july. Can you help us? You can also send this email to contacts around the globe. If you can organize actions, please: keep us informed and send us pictures to show class solidarity around the globe. After the day of action we want to make a map of the world addressing all the cities where solidarity groups have done actions.
¡Viva la solidaridad internacional! ¡Viva la lucha obrera!
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In solidarity
Local Federation of CNT-AIT Sevilla (Spain)
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