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A blog about coffee history
For those of you interested in the history of coffee In , on Sat, 13 Feb 2010 20:44:02 there's always the period seminal work, Steve Ackman writes: Thanks for the link! There also seems to be a...
10 years ago 4
Where do you buy the freshest and best coffee beans?
Hello everyone, I used to be a heavy coffee drinker until it gave me stomach ulcers and hair loss. My Doctor said I can only have one cup of coffee a day so I want to drink the very best coffee. I...
10 years ago 3
Seven new coffee species discovered
"Seven wild species of coffee are among 290 new plants found by Kew Gardens botanists this year..." We may have some *really* different coffees from Madagascar to look forward to in the not too...
10 years ago 2
Cuisinart 2000 vs Mr. Coffee
Cuisinart DCC-2000 Price 100.00 Good Worked well until warranty expired (3 years) Easy to use. Fill and forget until coffee is ready. Politely beeps when brew complete Included gold filter is...
10 years ago
descaling coffee machine
Hi all Hope you can help me. I've got a DeLonghi Combination Coffee/Espresso machine, I've had it since August 09, and I'd say its probably been in constant use since then, we *love* our coffee in...
10 years ago 3
coffee tips?
It's sad that this group is mostly spam for dodgy products... If there's any real people still reading, do you have any good coffee-making tips? Here's mine: Let the water sit for a while after it...
10 years ago 4
Top 25 bestselling Drip Coffee Machines
x-no-archive:yes On Nov 9, 9:26 am, Dave U. Random wrote: I have #1 !! tribune writes: A 12-cup coffee maker for personal use ?! Oo -miles On Mon, 9 Nov 2009 13:15:27 -0800 (PST), tribune wrote: But...
10 years ago 6
Coffee Maker
Hello Everyone, I just bought an 'Thermal Coffee Maker' () and its really awesome, The great thing about it, that it keeps your drink hot for hours without burning the coffee or ruining the taste in...
10 years ago 6
sorry I meant to put coffee in front I live in the uk
10 years ago
re coffee
have been trying to get the address of where I can buy St Helena from can anyone out there help me
10 years ago
10 Essential Student Cooking Tips
As a new student, you're probably living away from home, and cooking and budgeting for yourself for the first time. What sort of things do you need to know, and how can you make cooking fun? 1. Make...
10 years ago
blur glitter
I can't help it this dog makes me laugh Yeah. Brian does the same for me too. Peanut Butter and Jelly Time.
10 years ago 1
Air Pot for coffee
I recently found a container advertised for dispensing coffee called an "Air Pot", typically manufactured by Bunn, Bloomfield or Wilbur Curtis. I'm curious about the use of "Air" in the "Air Pot". The...
11 years ago 9
Re: Bye Bye SCAA Consumer Membership
I suppose its ending should be accompanied by its beginnings: Everything is good! Good luck with this mission mk5000 Satine: A little supper? Maybe some champagne? Christian: I'd rather, um, just get...
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does he like coffee??
does Quickgun Murugan like to drink coffee??
11 years ago