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We were in Yauco a week ago, then at Milagro in Las Cruces this
weekend. Didn't get to spend nearly enough time at the former,
or have much reason to spend much time at the latter (since
Bernie was away).
Vieques was nearly perfect. Yauco was hot. Crash Boat Beach
isn't the same place it was when I was a kid. The house I "grew
up in" isn't even there anymore. The sugar cane fields where I
got off the school bus are now tight little rows of cinder block
houses. Matter of fact, there aren't any cane fields on the
entire island anymore with the last sugar mill closing its doors
roughly a decade ago.
I wonder if coffee will eventually go the same way.
From a 2005 Puerto Rico Herald article:
Ironically, local and federal government subsidies to
low-income families have worked against the Puerto Rico
coffee industry. "Coffee picking is a low-wage job, and a lot
of government subsidies end up being incentives not to work,"
Irizarry said.
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