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I'm brewing my 1st batch, Coopers Real Ale, I messed up (listened to a guy at the local brewshop) and wound up brewing about 3 gallons instead of 5. Will this cause any problems? Thanks in advance.
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I agree with jrprice, it will be stronger and maybe darker if you leave it alone, but there is a pretty good chance that it will taste great anyway.
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Plumbum Blimp
don't think you'll have problems, per se, tho i would suggest you go ahead and add a couple more gallons of sanitized h2o (boiled and cooled prior to adding) to what you've got before bottling. seems to me that the most important stuff (fermentables, yeast, etc.) is the same whether your volume is 3 gal or 5 gal since that is all set up in the wort/boil, but the flavor/balance and other sundry volume related things could be off.
if it doesn't work out, chalk it up to experience and start over.
bob p
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Cuba, I'm guessing here. I know of a technique where people use two cans of brew for 22 litres rather than the standard single can for a fuller flavour. Using half the water would have about the same effect, I guess. In that technique though, no priming sugar is used. I suspect this may be a fairly strong brew, but still drinkable. I'd give it a try!
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In data Sun, 2 May 2004 18:53:44 -0500, cuba_libre ha scritto:
I don't think it can cause any problem
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