Batch Sparging

Does anyone know the negative effects on dilution the wort with water when doing a Batch Sparge. As opposed to a pure No-Sparge.
I plan to try the Batch sparge this weekend, but since I want 12 gal wort post boil and system limitations, I need to collect 6 gal high gravity wort and dilute with 8 gal water. More than 50% Is this OK?
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Yeah, that's what I did when I stared batch sparging, since my kettle wasn't big enough. Be forewarned, you'll take a big hit on efficiency since you can't get as much water through the grain to rinse out all the sugar. After doing it that way a few times, I broke down and got a bigger kettle.
For more info about batch sparging, check out It's a pre-edit article I wrote that's in the Jan. issue of BYO. There's info on the website that was left out of the article.
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