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Here is a new site just starting up. Join us and help make a great community. Share your recipes, experience, and knowledge.
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From the site's home page: "The site is contiually being updated, and should be fully operational within a week."
How about posting again here when it's actually operational?
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Ben Crowell

Ben Crowell writes:
On a related note, remember that when starting a new software project the _most critical_ thing is to design a cool logo and set up a source-forge site.
[Actual design, code, and coders? Just details...]
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Miles Bader

If by "us" you mean "you", you've got a long climb ahead of you. 4 posts, and all by you. It's difficult to kick start a new forum, expecially when so many quality homebrew forums already exist. Good luck.
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Try here,
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