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Re: Gelatin
"Riggs" kindly asked: "Lager" is a german word standing (here) for "store". Now you might see the link I snootily supposed to be common and should have probably explained: Lager beer got its name from...
16 years ago
Re: Infected American Steam beer?
sputtered the following meaningless banter: WRONG! That is personal taste/preference. I have fermented much higher and secondaried way longer at way warmer temps than that, with no ill effects ever....
16 years ago 5
Primary Fermentation
When is it okay to move a batch to the secondary fermentor. I have a batch that I boiled last Sunday night; a Kolsch. I used Wyeast 2565 and it took almost 24 hours to start seeing activity in the air...
16 years ago 1
can you use Corona bottles to bottle with?? will standard caps work??? thanks Jim
16 years ago 3
Reporting In: Pombe
My third batch of pombe, unlike the first two, is a fantastic success. I wouldn't serve it to company, but it makes me confident that I shall have something presentable in the near future. Only one...
16 years ago
Access Database
Anybody interested in using Access as a Beer Log? I made my own a while back and would like to share it with anybody that's interested. I'm using Office 2000.
16 years ago 2
Anyone know of a way to filter my beer before keegging or bottling without using an expensive system? Like maybe coffee filters or teabags.
16 years ago 5
cider question
I am new here and need some help .. I want to make hard cider.. but can`t find cider grade juice can anyone help??
16 years ago 4
Anybody know any good brewing software
Good brewing Softeware?
16 years ago 6
Refrigeration beer question
Hi all. I am new here, but have a question regarding how to store beer at around 50 degrees F? I was looking at wine coolers (cellars), that range from $150US and up up up. $150 is doable, but I wa...
16 years ago 8
noobie question, allergies and beer
I love beer but it doesn't love me. It tends to plug my head up. It seems the darker the beer the worse it plugs me up. The sad part is I love amber and dark beer and ales. What is in it that does thi...
16 years ago 4
Strangest way to lose a brew
I will now never find out if my over hopped Australian bitter's taste will calm down or not. Found that one of the calves had broken into the old piggery knocked over the carboy ( plastic luckily ) an...
16 years ago 3
Just got a keg
I just got a 1/2 keg and I want to turn it into a brew pot. Anybody done this before? Hints/tips would be great.
16 years ago 2
Re: growing hops
Mine have been in the ground for about a month now. Bugs got to two of them and they are now recovering. The third is maybe four feet long and doing well. The traditional harvest is done by the most...
16 years ago 2
Re: Bottling
Yes, you can reuse beer bottles. Most people will not use twist-offs, as I believe they are more prone to breakage and/or failure to seal properly. But you can definitely use most of the non-twist-...
16 years ago 1