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Req: NJ Shops
Does anyone know of a good HB supply shop in Central NJ?
13 years ago 2
Hi Im interested in doing a piraat clone ( van steenberge brewery ) , but has anybody tried that before? anybody know a recipe? Regards, Torben, Denmark
13 years ago 3
Re: What is Homeschooling
I learned how to homebrew at home
13 years ago
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13 years ago
Newbie question
Hello all Another newbie from UK here Looking to bottle my first batch tomorrow (Wed). I'm not strictly a newbies as I did a bit of brewing a few years ago - just tins of extract though - bottle...
13 years ago 1
beer conditioning
I know beer must be conditioned when bottling with sugar but is there any other way to condition the beer? I heard some people talking about natural airation. Is there another way does this natural ...
13 years ago 3
beer cooler
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13 years ago
HomeBrew supply in NYC
Does anyone know of a homebrew supply shop in NYC? I just dont seem to be able to locate any. Thanks, Hippo
13 years ago 1
Tubing safe for boil kettle?
I decided that a false bottom for my boil kettle would not be a bad idea after I noticed that whole hops make life frustrating by clogging up the spigot on my kettle. I was going to actually spend ...
13 years ago 1
Cerveza beer kit - Weird foam?
I am a beginner and am brewing a cerveza beer kit from a can (hopped extract). I used the enclosed yeast and corn sugar. It is fermenting rapidly in the primary, but am getting a weird sponge l...
13 years ago 1
white labs english ale WL-002
I currently am brewing an IPA using a third generation WL-002 yeast culture. I made a starter, and pitched it, and had a very vigourous fermentation for 2 days at 72 deg(needed a blow off tube), I...
13 years ago
Free bottles in Virginia Beach, VA
Hello, if anyone is interested in about 5 cases of 22 oz bottles and 3 cases of flip-top bottles for free in Virginia Beach, drop me an email. I also have some msch. brewing supplies I will sell for...
13 years ago 1
weight of additives per teaspoon
Could some of you with more accurate scales than me weigh out 1 teaspoon of gypsum and 1 teaspoon of CaCO3 and report how much it weighs? If I know how much a level teaspoon of something weighs, I ...
13 years ago
gravity increase in secondary?
I'm doing a Red Ale kit from Williams Brewing and everything has gone just fine. I'm about ready to bottle tomorrow (Sunday). Checked gravity in my secondary today and it has gone from 1.019 to ne...
13 years ago 6
Beer Chemistry
Have you ever opened a bottle of drink soft drink, wine, beer, juice, or similar and found that it is not quite right. The reason for this is due to the chemistry and chemical changes which occur in...
13 years ago